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“Gravity’s Working!” – An old post reposted

“Gravity’s Working!”

“Gravity’s working!”

I tried it again, today –

still working;

and the Earth still feels round,

though how I can tell it is

is liable to confound

the literal mind.

I find that,

things do, and don’t, change

from day

to day;

although I have to say –

or write –

that it may not have always been this way.

Gravity’s working,

and my feet are firmly upon the ground;

whilst my mind is drifting away.




I love to watch the Flutterbys

all flittering about;

they have their cares,

their ‘go not theres’

of that I have no doubt;

but, they seem to be,

so fancy free,

alive with the joy of being,

and I hope they know

they make me so

happy at their seeing.

The Busy, Busy Bee.

The Busy, Busy Bee.

A busy, busy bee,

took the time to speak to me,

he said, ‘Buzz buzz buzz, buzz buzz buzz!’ to me;

but, as I don’t speak bee,

all I heard was ‘Buzz buzz buzz, buzz buzz buzz!’

you see.

The birbs and the blees and the butterfleas

The birbs and the blees and the butterfleas

The birbs and the blees and the butterfleas

are bimbling about, as they do –

alliteratively, of course,

“Buzz, buzz!, Beep, beep! Boo-hoo!”

The Bengal Tiggers, the Kangaramoo,

and the Gallumphant,

are conspicuous by their absence notes,

in triplicate, upper case and coloured blue.

The Easels and the N-guins argue over the rules of Brackgammon,

whilst the Errfets and Olems

play Mah-Yong between one and two – but always getting it wrong,

Which is why those two species just do not get along.

All in all,

Nature is wonderful,

its creatures so cool;

so what happens when it’s gone,

will we return to the pool?