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Fields of Dreams

Fields of Dreams

The distant cars go by,

faintly headed to unknown destinations;

birds are flying endlessly hither and thither,

expeditious routes taking them on flights of fancy and need;

farm machinery is turning the haylage in anticipation of three cuts – if the weather holds –

and the sweet scent of grasses

gives a tang to my nostrils…

fields of dreams,

I live in thee.

Mr. & Mrs. Blackbird.

Mr. & Mrs. Blackbird.

Oh, Mr and Mrs Blackbird

whither do you go?

I saw you in the Morning

hopping to and fro,

I saw you in the evening hopping about again;

but, where in the meantime,

did you shelter from the rain?

Wild Garlic

Wild Garlic

The smell of wild garlic crosses the gap from there to here and assaults my nostrils. Not that I mind, I love the fragrant odour. Cooked or… uncooked, as in this case, and it’s that time of the year when I shall be sensing wild garlic every day.

Cornwall’s Hedgerows.

Cornwall’s Hedgerows

A prize is hidden

in the hedgerows of Cornwall

that is there to find

for those who seek the beauty

of the countryside’s edges.

Moorcat Poetry #2


Moorcat Poetry #2

Moorcat, Moorcat, upon the moor
What need have you of window or door
Nor roof or walls, upon the Heath;
When you have the open skies to live beneath?

In the woods today 27-06-2015

image image

Somewhere, a screen-door slams
A car horn is punched in irritation;
A baby cries for milk;
and the city mill keeps on turning;

But, I am here
Where a twig cracks underfoot
Birds are heard
And space there is to think the word.

I shuffle through leaves
And breathe the air
Releasing the concerns
Renewing the care

One soul in a forest
Alone for a while
In this underpopulated wood
In this overpopulated world.

Thoughts From The New Forest 24-12-2014


The breeze through the trees

Sets me at my ease

And the sun’s shine

Doth entwine my heart

Which, from the start, was cold

But, now is warmed

Newly formed into a beating thing

After heating brings restoration

This forestation of William’s

Is here for me

Dear to me;

And clear to me

Is the message it gives…

To me.

The sun through the trees

Aims to please

And its aim is true

As it lands upon me;

And I think of you

The rain through the trees

Tries to displease

Feigns ignorance to my plight

Falls like shards

Long and hard

And dampens my discourse

At source.




Roses, I read , read somewhere,

Are like my love;

Violets are there for when you are blue.
“These are but flowers!”
Are my words to you.
Every Dahlia, when I wake up
I wander in the garden of the world
Unaware of the Daisies to come.
My Tulips taste of the air;
My Irises see the colours;
My Nasturtium smells the fragrances.
Whilst I may not know the make or model of the things that grow;
I can still savour the flowers that ‘you’  know;
And where there’s contempt from a gardener with needs ;
‘I’ can embrace the wild beauty of weeds.