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“Well, National Poetry Day is well under way.” (Re-Hashed)

Well, National Poetry Day

is well under way,

I’ve written a poem,

and bitten a dray…

no, that’s a type of cart,

I didn’t do that, though that’s what I did say.

I must have bitten something else instead;

but, what it was

has gone right out of my head.

Anyway, as I say,

National Puberty Day

is well under way,

and I wrote a poem poem or two,

as I had nothing to say.

You might have seen my words in print,

or perused my back catalogue,

if you had a spare mint;

though I should be most surprised,

if you thought my words worthy,

my poems of mirth,

It took me but minutes

for my poems to birth.

And, so I set them free,

upon an unsuspecting nation;

not too many, nor too few,

but in an exactly calculated ration

(pronounced ray-shun).

They are probably out there somewhere,

buzzing around like bees,

flying through the air

like an airman grates the breeze;

landing on unsuspecting fruit,

and stopping for a while,

making flowers cogitate,

and fauna for to smile.

They might come back

and visit me,

the one who gave them breath,

or they might just fade and turn to dust,

when they find a literal death.

The Lost Haiku

I seek lost Haiku, wherever they try to hide – (they go underground).

I searched all around, but they just couldn’t be found, where have they got to?

Many Haiku lost, disappeared without a trace, as overboard tossed.

I will seek them here, and there, and everywhere – until I find them.

And, once they are found, they shall be kept most secure in a cardboard box.


Every day is a writing day

for me;

whether it be a day

when any writing gets done

or not

Is another thing,

and why I write my prose

in poetry format

is anyone’s guess.

Yes, I know

it confuses the reader;


it also confuses

this already considerably confused

writer, too.

Haiku for #NationalPoetryDay

Write poems today –
and every other day,
just because you can.


#NationalPoetryDay – Revisited

On National Poetry Day

I hope to be able

to read my best…


better than the rest…


that I wrote a while ago.

It needs a bit of work,

which I shall not shirk.

I know, that it will be difficult –

if not impossible –

to better the best;

but, I do believe

that the best can be bested;

at the least, I shall be tested – maybe arrested – probably not –

then, if I do get my my muse truly interested,

I can be sure that the time invested

in decomposing

then recomposing my rhyme

will be worth the effort.

But, you know me…

So, what day is it? (Haiku) #NationalPoetryDay

So, what day is it?

National Poetry Day!

So, write a poem.



is the day,

when poems are au fait

well, that’s what they say;

and, anyway,

I’m going to write one, okay?


It might not be the best,

better than all the rest,

will go to work barely half-dressed,

and a little stressed,

but it’s a poem for all that –

but, I think that you might have guessed.


The rhyme scheme is naff,

it’s one at which you’d laugh

if you were a serious poetry paragraph,

as it took me all of a minute and a half.


Don’t worry, it will be ending soon,

and, like the pop of a big balloon,

the noise it makes is similar to that of a rather large Racoon

howling at the cheesy Moon.

Choice – for NPD 2021

Choose wisely;

for, once you have chosen,

your choice will be fixed.

If your choice is wrong,

your emotions may be mixed;

a mixture of sadness and regret;

yet, regretfully, what will be,

will have to be.

So, how goes the writing of poems / the doodling in margins? #NationalPoetryDay2020, #ShareAPoem,

So, class, it’s been a long while

(or a very short eternity)

since I left you

doodling in margins.

Have you managed a rhyme, yet?

No rush, take your time,

it’s not as if anybody’s life depended on it.

To be honest

(as a poet rarely is),

your words,

when put on a page,

will be looked upon maybe six

or seven times

before being looked upon

no more.

This is the way of Poetry –

with very few exceptions.

So, if you have just written the twenty-first century’s equivalent

of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner,


or Ozymandias,

then all is well

and good.

If, like me,

you have been doodling in margins…

well, doodling is creative…

… isn’t it?

On this Day, Write a Poem, I shall. #NationalPoetryDay, #ShareAPoem, #2

On this day,

of all days,

I feel that I should

write a poem.

Nothing special,

of course,

just a run of the mill,


tuppenny ha’penny one,

that will fill the gap

that would be there

if I didn’t.

And, if I didn’t

write a poem,

to fill that gap,

then I wouldn’t be able

to call myself a…


Or, a poet.