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IMHO – Tep

In my honest opinion,

Tep was not one of the greats;

unless he’s reading this,

in which case…

‘Tep’ was the best

of the Egyptian lot,

better than NEFERHO-Tep

by far;

that is unless,

‘he’ is reading this,

in which case…

I am done for,


The Pobbleblog

The Pobbleblog

The Pobbleblog was not happy.

And why was that?

Well, the Pobbleblog was the last of its species.

Once upon a time there were millions of Pobbleblogs – they were everywhere!

But, over the millennia, they became less and less in number – some might say ‘fewer’.

Until, three weeks ago, the last but one Pobbleblog disappeared in a puff of smoke – with a sound that only a dog with extra good heating could have heard – and a few did.

The Pobbleblog cried, its heart broken beyond repair, and nobody cared.

Well, almost nobody.

You care, don’t you?