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Shostakovich was a Russian

Shostakovich was a Russian,

a piano player, too;

he played his piano loudly

from Timbukone to Timbuktu.


He wrote a lot of tunes,

played a lot of notes,

using all the black and white keys,

whilst thinking up rude quotes.


He still gets played at concerts,

his music lingers on;

his symphonies are quite the best,

for this fool to dwell upon.


Shostakovich was a pianist,

and a Russian by the way,

he wrote a lot of tunes

but he never wrote a play.

Joanne Joanne – born in the early 80s.

Named after a character from Catch 23 by Barbara Heller, Joanne x2 was one of the pioneers of the Nude Rowandic movement, along with the likes of Spanner Bullet and the Humous Logo.

Achieving ten top tin sandals that wocked the footwear charts around the world, Joanne x2 is looked back upon as a trail-blazer, and an innovative queen of modem Romans.

A song (for a change)

We don’t know where we’re going,

and we don’t know where we’ve been,

we don’t know where we are,

perhaps we’ll visits the Queen …

she lives somewhere around here –

doesn’t she?


NB This may be verse one

or the chorus

who knows?

Anyway, feel free to grab your guitar

(or other instrument)

and give it a go.