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The Day My Muse Blew A Fuse.

The Day My Muse Blew A Fuse.

I had to write something –

I just had to;

and then my muse

blew a fuse

(which is liable to confuse

the best of us,

never mind the rest of us).

So, here I stand,

in the dark,

fiddling with muse wire

at the muse box,

and I have the wrong type of screwdriver –


I guess I shall just have to wait

until the light of dawn,

as I hesitate to reinstate

the power that fuels my thought –

even though I ought.

A Paltry Day

A Paltry Day

Yesterday was easy,

two poems that nearly wrote themselves;

today is another kettle of fish entirely,

the muse hasn’t struck

(or maybe it is on strike)

and I am out of luck –

not a state I like,

being without an idea to work upon,

the next one queueing

for when the last one’s gone,

a line of ideas

aligned with my need,

oh, this is a day of scarcity,

a paltry day indeed.

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