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One Day…

Totton, 5:45am this morning, facing East (I hope)

Totton, 5:45am this morning, facing East (I hope)

One day
The Sun rose in the West
And never set;
For a thousand years
‘Nobody’ got much sleep.

Whether the Weather be good; or… (A Badriomaku) #5


Here’s the rain;
Then a hurricane;
Wouldn’t be surprised;
Is it Summer?
Feels Wintry to me!

Krafterwerk (A Badriomaku) #4


At home
After work
When I can stretch out
Does time go quickly?
Six, seven, eight
So, soon, it’s bed time.

To write a Haiku


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252 – My Voice



My voice
Is my instrument
Of choice

I know
That I’m not the best –
‘Tis so.

But, hey!
What is my longing?
– To play!

If Kipling Was an Exceedingly Fine French Aristocrat

03/04/2015 09:16
@Soulhoot (maybe then) #soulhoot

You can keep your head
When all those around
Are being Guillotinéd
Maybe then you’ll be a lucky
Aristocrat, my son.”

What ‘They’ Say.

‘They’ ‘say’ that my poetry really stinks; that, if heard, it would bring a grimace to the face of the immutable Sphinx; but, I don’t care what anyone thinks; my poetry is fine… to me.’They’, also ‘say’ that my rhymes are turgid and bland; that they could curdle milk and cause plagues throughout the land; but, I don’t mind, I understand – ‘they’ just don’t get the point… do you see? And ‘who’ are ‘they’ anyway? Just some jumped up critics, I suppose, analytics or the like, who can just get on ‘their’ bikes and go and read prose!