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Haiku Update #1


That is not to say that I don’t write them; it’s just that I don’t stick to the essential essence of the original Japanese form. I think I should study the form a lot more as I am not really doing the Haiku justice. We shall see. Graeme:)

Short (in the number of words – exactly correct in its syllable count) Haiku


Short(ish) Haiku


Another Mouse Bites the Cheese!


Another mouse bites the cheese!

The News: Mouse Bites Cheese!
Headline News? Well, maybe not;
For mice do not read
The mouse obituaries
Searching for lost family.

Parcel Parceau! #Haiku


C’est Parcel Parceau!
Delivers without a word –
A silent service.

2am Mouse Haiku #Haiku

Mouse, not Moose!

Mouse, not Moose!

2am Mouse

Mouse. Definitely!
Rosie Cat has a playmate;
Tom and Jerry time!

I capture said mouse;
Release him safely anon;
Away from the house.

He got on a train
Going to Cheeseborough;
Third class ticket mouse.

I didn’t tell him
That there was no cheese there, now
But, there had been… once.

With Haiku In Hand ( # Haiku )


With Haiku in Hand

This was written then
And is being posted now –
Keep it for later.

I scheduled this one
So it would get to you now –
It’s a post-dater.

It’s something I’ve done
For the first time, here and now –
For you I cater.

Too clever by half
This programme I’m using now –

TV Film Haiku #2 – Agatha Christie’s Sleeping Murder


Film Haiku #2 Agatha Christie’s Sleeping Murder

Agatha Christie
Her novel Sleeping Murder
With Miss Jane Marple

Murder Mystery,
Maybe there’s a red herring;
Jane will sort it out.

“The Butler did it?”

“I really don’t think he did;

There is no butler!”

One Day…

Totton, 5:45am this morning, facing East (I hope)

Totton, 5:45am this morning, facing East (I hope)

One day
The Sun rose in the West
And never set;
For a thousand years
‘Nobody’¬†got much sleep.

Whether the Weather be good; or… (A Badriomaku) #5


Here’s the rain;
Then a hurricane;
Wouldn’t be surprised;
Is it Summer?
Feels Wintry to me!

Krafterwerk (A Badriomaku) #4


At home
After work
When I can stretch out
Does time go quickly?
Six, seven, eight
So, soon, it’s bed time.