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The Moth and the Flea

If a moth found a flea with no cab fare,

would it offer to give it a lift,

drop it off safely

at its humble abode,

and consider the favour a gift?

Moth Myth

Contrary to myth, a moth never seeks for fame.


Be he moth,

or be he myth?

Be he without,

or be he with


The mightiest moth

that ever pledged a troth,

or upturned a trough,

was loathe to cough

as he’d had enough

of feeling rough;

and, being tough,

he carried aloft

a sturdy bough –

no one knows how –

and launched it at thou,

it hit thy brow,

made you go ‘Ow!’

and the moth took a bow

and flew away,

and no one knows

where he is now,

Peterborough? Or maybe Slough?

The be he moth

of Loughborough

or old Mos Cow.


Not thith exact moth

Not thith exact moth

Be he moth
Or be he myth
There’th not another moth
Ath big ath thith!

PEth – Rothie the Cat brought in a moth through the window thith morning and had great delight in chathing it around the bathroom while I got ready for work. Before I could rethcue it, Rothie took it back out of the window. That’th nature.

PPEth – it wathn’t a huge moth (there are bigger) but what’th a potht without a bit of exaggeration.