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“How Big is the Moon?”

“How Big is the Moon?”


The sky was so big,

the moon so small,

yellow and ridged

like a lone tennis ball

“It’s made of cheese!”

I heard someone say,

and that made my night

as it sometimes makes my day.

The Moon in May –

though not in June,

as old songs would say –

its light shining down

and showing the way.

“How big is the Moon?”

‘Quite big.’ I’d say.

Moon Over Looe (with four-let’r word)

Moon Over Looe.

That Moon,

over Looe,

blue, slim

with edge thin;

lost, bold, cold;

what else?

Cool dude,

nude, rude,

spin away?

Ne’er! Stay!

That Moon,

over Looe,


Xtreme Gardening: I’ve bought a little allotment

I’ve bought a little allotment,

an acre on the Moon,

peaceful, quiet (though the soil is none too good);

I haven’t actually been there,

I hope to get there soon.

The Moon Stayed at Home

The Moon stayed at home, tonight;

we couldn’t see her corporeal light,

the sky was dark

stars didn’t shine,

and everyone went to bed at nine.

The Boon

The Boon

She asked a boon,

“Could I have the Moon,

upon a bed of lettuce?”

I, thought once,

thought twice;

and gave her the Moon

on a colourful bed of rainbow rice.

Not what she wanted,

but almost as nice.

The Day the Tides All Stopped.

The Day the Tides All Stopped.

The Moon

above the trees

fluttering in the breeze –

the Moon, not the trees –

in the Lunar Wind blew away;

the tides all stopped that day.

The Forest on the Moon.

The Forest on the Moon.

There once was a forest upon the moon

that flourished for a while

but vanished too soon

a realm of trees upon her face

a woodland there in outer space.

And all the creatures of the trees

lived there happily, life was a breeze

Swinging through the branches high

the monkeys laughed, and then did cry;

for, when the forest realm could not rebirth,

they all fell back down to Earth.

“The Moon In June”

“The Moon In June”

The Moon in June

is just like the Moon

in any other month,

apart from the rhyme,

of course.

The Moon In June

is just like the Hay in May,

or the Starch in March,

for example.

The Moon In June

is currently appearing in a

showing of Noël Coward’s ‘Present Laughter’

at the Aldwych Theatre


The Moon In June

will be back

all too soon.

“Everybody sing along…!”


Everybody: (Singing)

Everybody’s going to the moon

And they going there very soon
But everybody better take care
Because there aren’t enough toilets up there!
The end