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‘January is the longest month’

‘January is the longest month’

said somebody.

It wasn’t me.


I know that,

‘May is the shortest month’,

‘April the cruelest!’

And all the others

must have their own talents.


But, to keep things in balance,

I shall stir controversy,

by proposing, that,

‘June is the kindest’,

or so it seems to me.

The first Tuesday in August (since the last one)

It’s an auspicious day;

however, I’m suspicious about the fact

that it’s raining again –

like it did in May;

and nothing really changes,

it just comes back time

and time again

in a slightly different order

(exactly like my poems)

weather you like it

or them

or not.

“Hello, June!”

Hello, June;

and not a moment too soon,

for May was becoming passé.

Be that as it may…

Be that as it may…

there are thirty days in April,

the same in June,

neither has a middle day.

But, May, having thirty-one,


What does all the above


to do with the price of bananas?

Not a lot really;

but, as I often say,

If I stop talking,

I start thinking…

and then where would I be?

I don’t remember December

I don’t remember December

I don’t remember December,

even though it’s only January Fourth- Seventh? Fifteenth? Fifteenth.

I don’t remember your name

even though it’s the same

as mine –

Too much wine?

Not enough wine?

Though I don’t recall

drinking any wine,

at all.

Archived? ‘Farewell, April!’

‘Farewell, April!’

In the late 21st Century April fell out of use. It was renamed Shower.

Soon after, all of the months were renamed to suit their most apt tempers.

Thus we ended up with Ice, Snow, Hail, Heat, Wind and the rest.

Strangely enough, the months acclimatised themselves to the new names and for a month at a time everybody knew exactly what the weather would be.