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Monkey Puzzle Tree

Three little words,

one, two, three,

put them all together,


add them together

that makes six,

take them off to Pelham

for the puppets to fix;

monkeys puzzle long

over pick ‘n’ mix,

at the top of a tree,

in a house made of bricks;

watching the book of the film

on a visit to the flicks.

Who to pay?

Who to pay?

It’s not the monkey

it’s the organ-grinder,

not the ferryman,

but the coffee-grinder;

not the celebrity,

but the celebrity-minder,

that you have to pay.

But, don’t!

They won’t thank you


The Forest on the Moon.

The Forest on the Moon.

There once was a forest upon the moon

that flourished for a while

but vanished too soon

a realm of trees upon her face

a woodland there in outer space.

And all the creatures of the trees

lived there happily, life was a breeze

Swinging through the branches high

the monkeys laughed, and then did cry;

for, when the forest realm could not rebirth,

they all fell back down to Earth.