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I found a pound

I found

a pound


the ground,

it was flat

and it was round—

well, not entirely round,

it wasn’t like a marble;

one of its three sides was round,

and, yes, I know

that the current pound

is no longer round,

so it probably wasn’t worth

the pound that it was

back then


it was originally struck –

just my luck.

Although a spherical pound

would be fun,

or one in the shape of a cube.

Maybe, in the future,

we shall have these,

just the one?

Pre-Decimal Poetry

Pre-Decimal Poetry

“Who will buy my Ginger Jam,

my Ginger Jam,

my Ginger Jam?

Who will buy my Ginger Jam

at seven-pence ha’penny a jar?”

My Five-Pound Note

My Five-Pound Note (a jaunty rhyme with a sad(ish) ending).

Once I found a five-pound note

upon that note a note I wrote

I wrote a note about a stoat

Upon that five-pound note.

I spent that note

and bought some bread

that I would toast

I’d toast the bread;

some coffee beans

that I would roast;

I would roast the beans;

the toast was eaten,

the coffee was drunk,

and my five-pound note was all but shrunk,

I had no more than a penny left

Of my five-pound note

I felt bereft.

Finders Keepers 2


I found ‘another’ penny
I will save up ‘all’ my findings
And ‘one day’ I hope to have enough
To buy a money-box to put them all in.

and you can read…

The original Finders Keepers wp.me/p1MjHq-10P via @PoemMeGroup

Finders Keepers


I found a penny
On the ground
Small, slightly shiny
Flat and round
I picked it up
To bring me luck
Heads or tails?
Heads it was;
And if all else fails
I can pop it in a wishing well
That will bring me luck
I can tell
Unless the well is broken
In which case
The penny will just be a token
Gesture from me to it
‘Easy come, easy go’
That is another aphorism
That I know.
And if you want to comment
Your thoughts
Upon my words…
I have payment.