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dy’Lun Haiku

dy’Lun – no planet;

ny wonn vy why it’s dy’Lun,

but it is – dydh da!




dy =shortening of ‘dydh’ = day

Lun = yet to find out

dy’Lun = Monday

ny wonn vy = I don’t know (exactly that phrase)

dydh da! = Good day! / Hello!

Just another Monday morning Haiku (as if there weren’t enough of them in the literary world already)

Monday stretches on,

many hours of the day left,

but the morn… passes.

It’s a blew Monday

It’s blue,

and a Monday,

and it’s just blown in

like leaves

in a breeze,

no longer attached to trees.

A cold blue

whistling through

like a simile or a metaphor

likened to one that you have met before,

or one that is a cold blue thistle.

Monday Morn Haiku

Monday Morn is born

from the last remainderings

of a Sunday night.

Scene from a window – Monday


The rain it fell

and well it did,

the worms that hid

deep in the ground

surfaced to see the Sun,

and, as one, became targets

for the blackbird.

The worms were destined

to be winter fare;

which is not fair,

but Nature is like that.

Monday Haiku (s) – a series

It’s Tuesday, hurrah!

It’s not Monday anymore,

Time continues on.


Not that I’m silly,

wishing all my days away,

just all the Mondays.


If we could, we would,

take all the Mondays away,

and reduce the week.


We’d get used to it –

a six day week! Wouldn’t we?

What is not to like?


I’m sure it would work,

and society wouldn’t fall,

life would be so sweet.

Monday makes the end of the week seem so far away.


Today, I have thought upon polar expeditionaries from the early twentieth century, in their tweeds and stout walking shoes, heading off to the poles.

I’ve also thought about those sleeping rough upon the streets.

One group made a choice to seek fame in their exploits – going to the pole because it was there.

The other has ended up in a place where they would not chose to go – and there is no fame for them.

Even indoors, there is a bitter chill to the air, and the heating has been left off because of the cost.

My feet are not toasty – even with two pairs of socks on, and I am one of the lucky ones.

People become bodies, on the streets as it was upon the Antarctic, when life is withdrawn from them.

What about a Monday Haiku?

What about a Monday Haiku?

It’s Early in the week,

so shouldn’t we all seek

a Haiku for the day…

but, maybe it would be better

if we just gave it a miss this time.

This is not a Haiku

This is not a love song

This is not a love song

This is not a Haiku –

Hash tag just saying.

Thursday Afternoon

With five syllables

and only two longer words:

Thursday Afternoon.


Monday and Tuesday,

Friday, Sunday, and today,

also fit the form.


But not Wed-nes-day,

and defo not Saturday,

or yesterday day.

Days – a Tanka

Not that long ago

it was Monday, now Tuesday,

soon it’s Wednesday.

What’s with all the constant change?

Can’t the week make it’s mind up?




PS Wednesday can have 2 or 3 syllables –

upon this occasion I have used the 3-syllable variant. Please bear that in mind when you read the above – thank you.