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Bear With Me

“Bear with me…” she quothed.

 I seethed inside, but, kept my outward calm.

 With her mobile jammed against her head,

 its radio-waves slowly mushing her failing brain,

 She warbled on about some unimportant – to me – trifle.


 “Bear with me…” once more, to me.

 I frothed within, but kept my outward calm.

 With her mobile burrowing into her ear,

 Its microwaves slowly cooking her, already tenderised, brain,

 She waffled on about some insignificant – to me – detail.


 “Bear with me…” Again! Me:

 I crumbled within, my outward calm dissolving rapidly.

 With her mobile inserted where the sun don’t shine,

 It’s tuneful ring-tone slowly serenading her lower colon,

 She wimpered on about some impatient – who, me? – old, busy body