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Caradon Hill

Caradon Hill

Caradon Hill,

two years on,

again it’s gone –



Difficult –

though it must be possible to do;

but, I just can’t see it myself,

still, there is no doubt

for I can no longer see

Caradon Hill.

The Cornish Mizzle

The Cornish Mizzle

In Cornwall, twixt the mist and drizzle,

which is something that’s called the Cornish Mizzle;

for, it’s when two like things do meld as one;

that they become a confladum.

In Transylvania, long ago,

there was a thing that joined, just so;

a twilight rising of the mist

known back then as the Transylvania Twist.

“Whatever happened to my Transylvania Twist? spoke Dracula.

Then, he hastened to add, “It is so sorely mist!”

Thus he spoke from his castle keep

when he deemed to arise from his daytime sleep.

“There’s more mizzle on the moor!”

“There’s more mizzle on the moor!”

“There’s more mizzle on the moor!”

‘Again?’ we question –

as if it was unusual.

Since the Tin miners departed,

all we have left is Irony.

They went around the globe –

not the pub –

and, now, there can be found

at the bottom of every hole in the ground

a Cornishman digging his way home.

“There’s mizzle on the moor!”

“There’s mizzle on the moor!”

‘Oh, no!’ we think –

for we are attuned not to blink

at the radio announcer’s weather report.

And, anyway, what is a bit of mizzle

when it’s on the moor?

It’s not as if we live on the moor.

Perhaps, if we did,

a boy of mizzle might be a worry

back to bed we might have to hurry;

or, if we are going out,

we may have to prepare for the ‘mizzling’ weather –

seems there’s a lot of it about!