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“Shall we meander, Miranda?”

“Shall we meander, Miranda?”

One day, on the Island.

“Shall we meander, Miranda?”

“Yes, let’s! When, father?”

“Straight ‘way, Miranda.”

“Oh, dad!”

And off they toddled, at once, upon their winding way.

“Shall we go Parranda, Miranda?”

“Shall we go Parranda, Miranda?”

“Shall we go Parranda, Miranda?”

asked Prospero, with a wry smile.

“Father, you are all a lather,

if you think we can spend a while

in doing so. The answer, it is, ‘No!’ “

”Admired, Meander.”

“Admired, Meander.”


“Sorry, Miranda, I was just thinking about a walk once, where we wandered lonely, as woolly clouds”

“Oh, yes; I remember. We were lost.”

“Surely not, Miranda. We were just wandering – we found our way back, didn’t we?”

“Only because we stumbled upon a Caliban, and, having given him some water with berries in’t, and shown him the bigger light and the lesser, he told us which path to take to get us back to this draughty cave.”

“Into air, thin air.”

“Oh, you do talk a lot of twaddle, father!”

Prospero Prospers? (a monologue).

Prospero: Think that there was a time we had a veranda, Miranda?

We had. It was truly a magnificent sight.

It started to the left of the palace

and went all the way around;

there were gardens of substantial beauty;

and a lake – mustn’t forget the lake –

and upon the lake…

the ducks!

Oh, those ducks!

What a noise;

though the geese were noisier still;

we stood and watched their antics;

whilst somebody else settled the bill.

That was a joke, Miranda.

At which you we’re supposéd to laugh…

(there is a short pause)

I do have another joke, Miranda…

It involves a short-necked giraffe.

No? Well, maybe another time.

(there is another short pause)

Did I mention that we had a veranda, Mirabelle?