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It was Christmas Eve in the bakehouse.

It was Christmas Eve in the bake house,

and there wasn’t a crumb in sight;

for the little creatures had all been festive

through the long, dark silent night.


“Where are the loaves and the rolls,

where the baps and buns;

how shall we feed the bishops,

the friars and the nuns?”


The mice didn’t care two figs,

the owls didn’t give two hoots,

the birds and bees, and two large fleas,

were full unto their boots.


It was Christmas Day in the bakehouse,

and the baker had work to do,

to feed the rich, fat, and religious,

while we had but a crust to chew.

Releasing Colin Dexter.

Releasing Colin Dexter.

Colin Dexter,

to my knowledge,

was not a great texter

when he went to college

(mostly due to the fact

that mobile phones they lacked)

but he did write a lot

not about Camelot

but crime a lot.

He lived near to Oxford

and had a local fish shop

that he frequently frequented,

near to Summertown.



is not the Colin Dexter

that I am talking about.

Colin Dexter (the Mouse)

visited our house late one night

(or early one morning)

courtesy of Rosie the Cat.

We rescued little Colin,

made sure he was well,

treated him as one of the family.

But, a wild creature

should be returned to the wild,

and so, today,

I released Colin Dexter

(and Ellis Peters –

who Rosie the Cat

had brought home for a game of Tag this morning)

back into the wild.

Fate thee well

and enjoy your lives

Colin and Ellis.

Another Mouse Bites the Cheese!


Another mouse bites the cheese!

The News: Mouse Bites Cheese!
Headline News? Well, maybe not;
For mice do not read
The mouse obituaries
Searching for lost family.