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As I was neither going to…

As I was

neither going to,

or from,




or Liskeard;

I found it rather hard

to even begin

to start

setting out,

or returning home,

as, so I’ve heard,

all roads tend to roam.

Merrymeet Acrostic

Morning turns another page;

Eating simple fare, we yearn an age;



Yesterday’s new,

Means little now,

Each update creates

Even more states

To worry the brow.

“Merrymeet’s Got Latent!”

“Merrymeet’s Got Latent!”

Don’t fear rebuke, bring your uke!

Come along and sing a song,

– croon a tune!

Recite a poem (or two)

‘you know

it’s what

you want

to do.’

Be a star, strum your air guitar!

Operatic singers aria must!

Dancers twirling!

Magicians wandering!

Ventriloquists – gring your own dummy!

Fire-Eaters…? (all too sadly, no – due to risk of bringing (burning) the house down.

The Bells of Menheniot

The Bells of Menheniot

I can hear the bells of Menheniot

ringing out for prayer;

across the fields I hear the knells,

and, soon, I won’t be there.

I can hear the bells of Menheni

a-ringing in my ears;

they call the flock from off the land

to seek comfort for their fears.

I can hear the bells of Menhen

appealing all to come;

the faithful and the sinning soul,

the sentient, and numb.

I can hear the bells of Men

though softer than before,

until at last,

the peals have passed,

and I hear the bells no more.

Chasing Butterflies

Click below to see the words with a picture – G:)


I’m chasing butterflies,

though it’s not allowed,

under the auspices

of a wandering cloud.


The ‘Green’ @Merrymeet.

The ‘Green’ @ Merrymeet.

The ‘Green’

is seen

as a scene

of calm and serene


Another Few Words Upon Seagulls – as if you needed more.

Another Few Words Upon Seagulls – as if you needed more.

“What are those gulls doing

up in the sky?

They were there yesterday,

they are there today;

and, by-and-by,

they’ll be there tomorrow!”

Trees, Sheep, and the Sky.

Trees, Sheep, and the Sky.

See here for the photograph that inspired the words – G:)

It’s about the trees,

or the sheep,

or the sky.

Swaying in the breeze;

chewing the Winter feed;

or hanging ominously above us –

you know which is to which.

All together

in one picture

they sit side by side,


by Nature.



A little walk on the cool side;

maybe, I would prefer the pool side;

but, upon reflection,

my selection

is just what is needed

to clear away the cobwebs.

Cloud Castles

Cloud Castles

The castle I saw can be seen here. G:)

The crumbling ruins

of the cloud castles in the sky

catch my attention

as I walk

and they drift by;

fallen battlements

a testament to many battles fought;

whether lost or won

I know naught.