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Looking back…

I walked into a tree;

which was quite usual,

for a dolt like me.

So, I looked forwards instead;

as I dug bits of branch

from out of my head,

and shook off the leaves

that entangled my hair;

and, when I finally arrived…

… I found…

I was there.

A Complaint to Uncle Albert

“She is so noisy, uncle Albert,

and she hasn’t done a single thing all day;

didn’t want to bother you about it,

but, it’s something that I really had to say.”

I remember the song

(if not all of the words)

from a long time ago;

so, let me take those words,

and give them new wings

to fly again.




if I remember correctly,

is only memorise spelt wrong;

as ‘snog’ is ‘song’

and ‘prognol’ is ‘prolong’ –

and, so as not to ‘prognol’

this any ‘regnol’

I shall ‘pots’ now.