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I met her…

I met her…

I met her in a candy store*

and seven years after

I could say I’ve met her before;

actually I’ve met her

many times since then

and I can’t say

I’ve ever been happier

when every day

I’m happier still,

seven years on

a couple destined

like Will & Ben –

or Ben & Will*.

*Poetic Licence has been used here – I actually met Jane in an Art House (‘The’ Art House), and we actually call ourselves Oola and Bob (from the mythical Oolabob and Bobaloo).

One Day, at the Office.


Planning Meeting for the Planning Meeting.

1st Executive: Good management!

2nd Executive: Good management!

1st Exec: And how are you this fine meeting?

2nd Exec: Can’t complain; too much paperwork to fill out for that!

1st Exec: And Health and Safety always on the look out for paper-cuts.

2nd Exec: Too true.

1st Exec: Yourself?

2nd Exec: A thirteen percent increase in negotiable wages this month; one percent reduction in the waistline and options on an upgrade to the Executive Washroom is in the offing.

1st Exec: Marvellous! Seems like the Market is trading well all around!

2nd Exec: Well, you know what they say…

1st Exec: Exactly.

2nd Exec: Spot on.

1st Exec: Business Lunch today?

2nd Exec: Rain-Check that; planning meeting to organise a planning meeting.

1st Exec: Fair enough – catch you on the flip-side.

2nd Exec: Toodle-pip!