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Sum Might Say…

Sum Might Say…

1813 x 2955


a lot.

It is actually a measurement

and not a sum;

though some would think it so.

It must add up to a couple of million

and some – over six, I’d say.

I could work it out,

and amaze you with my mathematical skill…

or I could allow you to do so


A calculator would take no time at all.

Thinking about it

it’s probably

under six million –

I rounded the sum up to 2,000 x 3,000

which is good for an approximate amount – but, not accurate

as an answer.


1813 x 2955

3×5 = 15

10×5 = 50

800×5 = 4,000

1,000×5 = 5,000

add those = 9,065 (a)

10x 2,955 = 29,550 (b)

800×5 = 4,000

800x =50*!%#%###

800×9 = 7,300

8,000×2 = 16,000

add those = 23,390 (c)

1,000×2955 = 2,955,000 (d)

add a,b,c and d together




and this is where a calculator comes in handy

enter 1813 x 2955 press calculate = 5,357,415

So, easy.

A little mathematics may add up to sum such thing


“That’s just adding insult to injury!”
He had said to me

‘injury + insult = ?’

I thought long and hard
But, couldn’t work out the answer.

I ran after him.

“What did you mean when you said that I was ‘adding insult to injury?’ ” I called out when I was alongside the tall, stately looking man.

He never slowed his pace; but, talking across to me, he answered: “I meant that you not only hurt my pride but you insulted my intelligence.”

“So, it wasn’t a mathematical equation?” I uttered.

He stopped and looked at me. “You’re weird!” He stated. Then turned his back upon me once more. He strode off without a backwards glance (again).

I let him go.

“I’m weird.”

I mulled this over.

“He could have something there.”

I thought further.

‘injury + insult = weirdness!’

“No. That makes little sense. He was just winding me up.”

I walked off, mumbling to myself.

“insult… injury… weird… injury… insult… ”

People watched the young man curiously as he wended his weird way up the street.

Such is life.