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Man with a barrow

Man with a barrow

travels straight, like a drunken arrow,

on his way to a place

that means a lot to him.

I am not a man (with a master plan).

I am not a man

with a master plan;

I don’t have the ability

to push a pram –

I don’t have a pram.

Even if I did have a pram

I would be loathe to push

a pram

with no occupant…

what sort of weirdly strange person

do you think I am?

Oh, that sort;

well, that’s fair enough, then.

The Gentleman From Porlock Calls Again


“I am the Gentleman from Porlock
I called again today
I called round without warning
Because ‘that’ is my way.

Ha ha ha!

Your muse, so fleeting, left you;
It left you high and dry;
Not knowing which word to choose next
No matter how you try.”