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“What has all this to do with Madonna?”

“What has all this to do with Madonna?”

Material: I’m immaterial!

Other Material: I am immortal!

Yet Another Material: Does it Matter?

Material: Of course it matters! Are you anti-matter?

Yet Another Material: No, I’m just asking whether – in the scheme of things – us being bits of cloth, there is any provenance in the ‘I think therefore I am’ theory?

Other Material: I think…

Yet Another Material: Yes…?

Other Material: … that you are just bowing to convention if you consider us any less than any other sentient being on this bluey-green planet.

Material: Guys! Guys! I was just playing with words – don’t let us get all shirty about it!

Yet Another Material: My best friend is a shirt!

Another Material: A T-shirt.

Yet Another Material: That’s as May be – he still has feelings; even though he is an old, afraid, frayed and faded, jaded T-shirt.

Material: Is that your friend with the Madonna slogan printed on his chest?

Yet Another Material: Yes. Although having ‘I’m a Material Girl’ emblazoned there for all and sundry to see has been a trial at times.

Material and Other Material: Poor T-shirt.

Yet Another Material: His name’s Alex.