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Tanka Poetry

Tanka Poetry

Tanka Poetry:

not an easy thing to do,

or so it is said;

but, all you need to do is

add two lines to a Haiku.


Two Tankas are sometimes better than one – sometimes. (Tankas for #LPG #LiskeardPoetryGroup).

Two Tankas for the Price of One!

Tanka very much,

I appreciate your help

in all that I do.

Which sentiment is sincere

if not a little solemn.


Well, that was no fun!

I usually say less

and make it jokey.

But, Wednesday can be dull

if it rains and I get wet.


#13 Tanka (Sunday) – I almost forgot!

I almost forgot

I need to write a Tanka –

I do one daily;

and to forget would be wrong

and cause untold misery.

Saturday – write a Tanka? #12 for LPG (Liskeard Poetry Group).

Saturday’s attempt

to neatly write a Tanka

is doomed to failure;

I mean, how can you create

poetry when the Sun shines.

Today’s Yabka (a misspelt Tanka) #11 for Liskeard Poetry Group

I almost forgot;

I have to write a Tanka,

now it’s nearly noon.

If I don’t get on and write

It won’t be done, anytime soon.

Mixing Things Up – #10 Tanka for Liskeard Poetry Group.

Tailor, soldier, thief;

tanka-sailor sailed on by

That is not the rhyme;

but, I mixed it up a bit –

what I do beggars belief.

“Gather” (#9 Tanka for Liskeard Poetry Group).

Raise your Tanka high,

before Rhyme has passed on by,

and poetrys die.

Gather ye rosebud visions

and write on them, at great length.