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Love is Life

Love is Life

Life is Love

Is Love Life?

Is Life Love?

? Love Life is

Life Love ? is

And then I jumble up the letters…

¿voLe fiLe sì?

With You

With you

by my side

there is no need to hide

my feelings for you

are true

and I

have a life

in Cornwall

with you.

With you

in my life

(now, as my wife)

I am certain and sure

that I, you, my, your,


lives are complete,

mine, spending

my time


and seeing

the future

with you.

With you

is all I want to be,

to be with you.

I’ve never been the same (since I met you)

I’ve never been the same since I met you,

and when I met you, I knew,

I knew that I would never forget you,

and my feelings have grown stronger

for you,

for you have taken my heart;

and when we’re apart

I know it’s in safe hands with you.

Do I love you?

Yes, I do.

And I do ,

yes I do,

oh, I do

yes, I do.

Love is a four-letter word

Love is a four-letter word

Love is a four-letter word,

though It’s not the worst that I’ve heard;

some of the other four-letter words, they’re no so nice,

they’re bland and boring, set me snoring, are similar to wood, and just like rice.

Just like rice

Just like rice

they are bland and boring

just like R.I.C.E. Rice.

I met a man from China

I made him lovely food,

he said my fayre was awful

I thought that that was rude;

I told him he was ungrateful

I think I told him twice;

he just looked at me,

and said ‘I just like rice.’

Just like rice,

Just like rice;

that little man

looked up to me

and told me

he liked R.I.C.E. Rice.

“What is Love?”

“What is Love?”


‘What is love?’

asked Howard Jones in 1983.


‘Love’ is a four-letter word.

It’s also an anagram of ‘vole’.

What more do you need to know?

“I wanna know what love is!”

sang the group Foreigner in 1984 (and many times since).

There are many, many songs about love,

There are not that many songs about voles. The only one I can think of is ABBA’s ‘Vole est vous’ – Which doesn’t translate to anything sensible in ‘any’ language.

Love is… was the phrase that started off many memorable quotes from the cartoons published in the 1970s that are still syndicated to this very day.

‘Love is… never having to say you’re sorry.’

Being one of the most popular – from approximately the time that the film ‘Love Story’ was released.

Love is Like Oxygen.

Love Hurts.

Love in an Elevator.

Love is the Drug.

Love Potion No. 9.

Love Shack.

Love Me Do.

All you need is…

a vole?

And so on.

To my love at Christmas.

To my love at Christmas.

I love you at this time of year

as I do at all other times of the year;

as my love increases

I love you more each day;

and, as each day goes,

I am glad that you and I

are here, together

holding each other



One Year in Cornwall

One Year in Cornwall

One year in our new home

and every day is a joy;

I love each moment we spend here

and the little ways we employ

ourselves in making our home

even more a delight.

Thank you for standing beside me

and being my partner in crime;

(not that what we do is criminal

but it’s a word that gives me a rhyme).

Here’s to the year we have lived here

and the many more that lay ahead.

In Cornwall we have settled our roots,

In Cornwall we lay down our head.

Somewhere in Belgium


Well, I made it through another day
(Not everyone did)
And now can dream again
Of getting back to you
(And our kid).

The fighting over for now
(At least the main stuff)
Just need to avoid the snipers’ shot
And remember to tread carefully
(Not let down my guard)
Or I shall end up like Wilkins and Cope
Decomposing; their letters home at an end.

It’s nearly Christmas
And all this will be over
(My love, my friend)
And we shall be back in each-other’s arms
Safe again.

Yours always,

W.S. (Bill to you)

Somewhere in Belgium,

Nov 22nd, 1914

A Kind of Coffee


Fill up my coffee cup
With kindness
And I won’t miss my brew
I Fill up my coffee cup with you

Lines (between us, from me to you and you to me)


You and I have drawn a line between us
From me to you
From you to me
Living our lives in perfect symmetry.

Red Lines
Partly Political
We don’t need them
Hot lines
To the Kremlin
We don’t heed them
Just one line joining me and you
Is what there is, straight and true.