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A song (for a change)

We don’t know where we’re going,

and we don’t know where we’ve been,

we don’t know where we are,

perhaps we’ll visits the Queen …

she lives somewhere around here –

doesn’t she?


NB This may be verse one

or the chorus

who knows?

Anyway, feel free to grab your guitar

(or other instrument)

and give it a go.

Who died today?

Who died today?

No, not the celebrity, musician,

actor, politician,

monarch, rich man, racing star;

no, the poor individual,

the exploited animal,

the starving child,

that are not headline news:

they died today…

and who even knew?

I’d lost my favourite knife!

I’d lost my favourite knife!

I’d lost my favourite knife,

I had it only then,

just a moment ago;

I want to use it;

but, do I have it? No!

it wasn’t there, and when

I looked, it wasn’t there again!

I looked up high,

I looked down low;

oh, where, oh where,

would my knife go?

I checked under my pillow,

and in the washing machine;

all the unlikeliest places

that my knife it could have been;

and then I found it,

my heart now be at rest;

it was where I’d left it;

in my late husband’s chest.

Lost: Fish

Lost: Fish

I lost my fish in the ocean,

I couldn’t find it anywhere;

and then I had a notion:

I would scan all the fish

when they swam past,

until, at last, I would find my fish –

and I know I would,

as I had had him chipped.

“Who Stole Caradon Hill?”

“Who Stole Caradon Hill?”

Somebody stole Caradon Hill! –

it was gone when I went there, yesterday;

it’s quite big,

I couldn’t have missed it,

and I was definitely looking the right way.

Perhaps it will come back

all of its own accord;

for who could have stolen a hill that big;

but, if it doesn’t…

no, that doesn’t bear thinking about…

Oh, now, today, it’s back;

let’s dance a little jig.

“Have you seen Lostwithiel?”

“Have you seen Lostwithiel?”

This is what it looks like.


should be


do you see?

The story is:

We put up posters here

We put up posters there

“Has anybody seen our Lostwithiel?

Is that it over there?


We did the rounds.

Upon the grounds

that as it was quite big

finding it should be easy

like the finding of a twig

in a forest – oh! That’s not good,

it’s like trying to find a specific tree within an unknown wood.

But, to cut

a long story short,

as a practical poet really ought:

Lostwithiel was where it should have been all along

the direction that we had been looking in,

that was what was wrong.

“We found Lostwithiel,

Lostwithiel was found!


Michael Ittens has Lost His Mittens!


Michael Ittens
Has lost his mittens
He doesn’t know where to find them
He had put up a poster
On a lamppost near Towcester
But, nobody had called
To say
They found them.

Michael Ittens
Misses his mittens
He didn’t know where to find them
He left them alone
Forever to roam
With an owner forlorn
Behind them.