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Mama’s Little Soldier

Mama’s Little Soldier

Mama’s little soldier

went off to the war,

though he didn’t really know

what he was fighting for;

and when he came back,

he was in a box,

Mama visits him on Sundays,

and irons his socks.

Seagull Swoops

Seagull Swoops

Seagull swoops,

loops the loops,

and captures the moment,

that you lost your food,

forever, in your mind

the bird that had designs upon your treat;

swiped by beak and feet

in one mad rush of adrenalin…


But not forgotten,

as the gull gulps

his Ill-gotten gains,

upon your parade fall the rains.

Tears Have Ears

Tears Have Ears

Tears have ears;

only little tiny ones,

ones that you can’t really see;

but, be aware,

that they are there.

I’d lost my favourite knife!

I’d lost my favourite knife!

I’d lost my favourite knife,

I had it only then,

just a moment ago;

I want to use it;

but, do I have it? No!

it wasn’t there, and when

I looked, it wasn’t there again!

I looked up high,

I looked down low;

oh, where, oh where,

would my knife go?

I checked under my pillow,

and in the washing machine;

all the unlikeliest places

that my knife it could have been;

and then I found it,

my heart now be at rest;

it was where I’d left it;

in my late husband’s chest.

Thursday’s Gone Haiku

Thursday’s Gone Haiku

It’s Friday Morning;

it’s no good mourning Thursday,

just get over it.

Guitar Upon the Wall

Guitar Upon The Wall

The guitar hangs upon the wall

like a picture drawn a thousand times;

but, where is the use it needs to feel,

the lyric phrase, the quirky rhymes?

Strings, untuned, coated fine

with the dust of betrayal,

silently thrum to the tune

of an unheard song

from long, long ago;

when, or if, they shall play again

it’s beyond my knowledge to know.

Parting. Sweet. Sorrow.

Parting. Sweet. Sorrow.

On this day

my Nan was born

and my Dad did die;

it’s a strange day

if you look at it

in a certain sort of way.

Looking back,

Is often a sorrowful thing,

when family so familiar

became part of an ongoing unknowing,

joining the ranks of the many,

departing the lives of the few.

I stop and think about them

and how they were – those that I knew.

In the last week

I have been reminded

of an Aunt who was born,

a grandmother too;

and the endings of my dad, and his dad – who I barely knew.

In this modern day

of misuse and mishap,

I give my sad thanks to the reminders of an app.