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Love Island?

Love Island?

Pictures available here

It isn’t Love Island;

and it isn’t really Looe Island;

it’s St. George’s Island

that I love to catch

in the pictures I take.


A Day Trip to Liskeard (by car), Looe (by train), and Polperro (by glass-bottom boat).

Possibly on this boat…

It’s Thursday morning,

we are going on a boat,

and also a train,

to Liskeard Looe, Polperro –

it’s going to be so cool.

I’l take some pictures

of the journey to show you –

and it will not rain;

because we have ordered Sun

and it’s arriving at Noon.

The Sentry

The sentry in red

was easily bled

by an arrow

I fired from my bow.

Looe News.

There was a man-eating fish

In West Looe the other day,

With a fresh catch for it’s tea;

Sprinkled with salt,

And vinegar to a fault.

All consumed,

It then swam away.


There were also Seagull-Eating Pasties present in East Looe, today;

But, as to how that went,

I’ll leave it up to you –

It was messy, that’s all I’ll say.

A Gnu in Looe (a song)

Photograph taken in East Looe recently.

Song (A Gnu in Looe)
(Chug in C)

There’s a Gnu (x4)

There’s a Gnu 


In Looe


Walking up the street


And his name is Blue
There’s a Gnu

In Looe

Stopping all the people

With his ‘How-do-you-do?’

“How do you do?

How do you do?”

There’s a Gnu

In Looe

We think he has escaped

From the local zoo

There’s a Gnu


In Looe


Everybody’s happy


Everybody’s happy

G. or G6.

Everybody’s happy…
And Gnu is happy, 


F / C until end

When in Looe…

When in Looe

What do you do?

Do you do as the Looeovians do?
Do all roads lead to Looe?

Was Looe built in a day?

Or a bay?

Are you in love with Looe?

Is she your mistress?

Does she cause you distress?

I am assuming that Looe is a lady

And not a malady!
Do you love or hate Seagulls covered in Marmite?
Do you hate to be asked too many questions?
Shall I stop asking you them?
Are you happy now?

The Looe Arts and Entertainment Chart

“And here are the top 10 in Looe’s latest Arts and Entertainment Chart.

At number 10 we have 

‘Funny Gull’  – a film and musical about Fanny Brice and starring Barbra Streisand.

A missed skiing opportunity at number 9 is ‘Chalet Gull’ with Gull Bailey (film)


‘The Calendar Gulls’ romps into the top ten at number 8 – it’s a WI film involving scones, I hear.

Number 7 is a situation that we really don’t want to see – ‘Gull on a Train’  – a book by Paula Hawkins

‘The Gullenium Trilogy’ (‘The Gull with the Dragon Tattoo’ / ‘The Gull Who Played With Fire’ / ‘The Gull Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest’) (books and films) by Stieg Larsson are all in at number 6

Numero 5 this week is ‘Gull, Interrupted’ a book by Susanna Kaysen (and you really don’t want to interrupt a gull!)

And if you didn’t know Sweden had kings, a gull saved one! ‘The Gull Who Saved The King of Sweden’ (book) by Jonas Jonasson is at 4.

No! Not that one! ‘The Other Boleyn Gull’ a book by Philippa Gregory is just into the top three is heading off at number 3.

In the naughty corner at 2, we have ‘Bad Gulls’ (also a book) by Jacqueline Wilson (are there any other types of gull?)

 And topping the Gull charts this week is ‘Me and My Gull’ a musical that involves a gull and a pasty-faced guy.

That’s the chart – back soon with more Looe charts for your bemusement.