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The Games We Play (#Looe)

The Games We Play (#Looe)

Can you


in East Looe?

Can Dennis

play table-tennis, too?

I guess

you can play chess

if you are board;

but, who says that all games

must be ignored?

Pass them by

if you must

turn a corner,

or a king –

and you are bust!


Ibble the Gull

Ibble the Gull

Ibble was a gull,

a Herring gull,

who flew to Looe

from the fair port of Hull.

He flew South West

to get the best

food that he could,

as any gull would.

The finest fish,

from the freshest catch

the choicest morsel

no other could match.

He stood on a post

watched the people walk past;

followed the boats

or he perched on a mast,

watching the fishermen

as they prepared all the fish;

grabbing a morsel,

or as much as he’d wish.

Ibble flew with the locals

and was accepted by most;

slept on Looe Island,

kept to the coast,

and sang his gull song,

too often, too long,

as he was proud of his vocals,

and soon did belong.

Ibble was a gull

who flew to Looe

from the fine port of Hull,

as a gull should do.

Two Into One

Two Into One

“It all comes back to Looe”

I’ve seen ev’ry menu

from Land’s End to Groats

to see what I could buy

for a handful of notes

From the East Coast to the West

I’ve seen all that there is –

“And what was the best?”

There was nothing I’ll miss

why did I roam

When here at home

there was plenty of fine food to taste

all my travels

all across the land

were a waste.


It all comes back to Looe

no matter what I do

where e’er I go, it’s always true,

that I’ll always come back to Looe

The Haggis of the the North

is a fine looking beast

And the pudding of Yorkshire

is grand;

but why did I travel

so many miles

when my saviour was so close to hand.

And, it all comes back to Looe

No matter where you go

or what you do

wheree’er go, it’s always true,

that it all comes back to Looe

(and I choose)

“Fish, Chips & Mushy Peas”

“I’ve looked on the menu,

so many things to please;

but, I know what I want…

it’s fish,

chips, and mushy peas.

Fresh from the sea,

especially for me;

nothing beats the delicacy…

of fish,

chips, and mushy peas.

With Tartare Sauce,

A tour de force

add it to my…


chips, and mushy peas.

Salt and Vinegar,

Sprinkled all over

add them, please, to my…


chips, and mushy peas.

And wrapped up in yesterday’s newspaper?

No. Not served up like that anymore,

Now in a carton, or plain paper, my…


chips, and mushy peas.

And a wooden fork?

All part of the service

to add to the splendour

of my…


chips, and mushy peas.

The Day That Lou Reed (Never) Visited Looe.

The Day That Lou Reed (Never) Visited Looe.

It was sad that Lou Reed

never got down to Looe

to read his lyrics

out aloud to us.

He almost made it,

if only he hadn’t

taken the wrong bus

in good faith.

It could have been a perfect day,

he’d have been glad

that he spent it in Looe;

he could have taken a walk

on the quay side

but, sans Lou

Sans gria

Sans shine

it is now a little Looe

too late for Lou.

A Room With A View Of Looe.

A Room With A View Of Looe

East ‘and’ West

neither is best –

both are;

combined alongside the river

leaving us all a quiver

of arrows

as the river narrows.

High up on the hillside

where a lonely goatherd might perch

you can cast your eyes down upon the boats

upon the town,

search for a target to dwell upon.

Tidal, the river is gone, as you look to the next tide,

read from the text ‘Love Looe’

decide to agree with what is writ

as so many do.

And now?

I take my bow.

Love Island?

Love Island?

Pictures available here

It isn’t Love Island;

and it isn’t really Looe Island;

it’s St. George’s Island

that I love to catch

in the pictures I take.

A Day Trip to Liskeard (by car), Looe (by train), and Polperro (by glass-bottom boat).

Possibly on this boat…

It’s Thursday morning,

we are going on a boat,

and also a train,

to Liskeard Looe, Polperro –

it’s going to be so cool.

I’l take some pictures

of the journey to show you –

and it will not rain;

because we have ordered Sun

and it’s arriving at Noon.