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Llamas in the Bahamas?

Not a real image.

Not a real image.

There are no bees in the Pyrenees
There are no llamas in the Bahamas
These may not be true
they are just what I think
but if it’s all the same to you
I will continue to think things like these
and the truth of things, I eschew.

Llamas in the Bahamas

Llamas in the Bahamas
Rhymes better
(To me)
Than Bananas in Pyjamas
Although Llamas in Pyjamas in the Bahamas
Is better still.
And if those aforementioned Llamas
In their Bahamian Pyjamas
We’re involved in certain dramas
Then I would be like the cat who got the cream in a dream and then found when she woke up that the deal was the real deal.