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Will & Ben – Renaissance Men

Will: I sent Ben out, yesterday, in order to get me a new quill for my writings. I carefully wrote my requirement down on a scrap of parchment for him – he has the dull memory of a golden fish – and off he went. When he returneth, he had purchased for me, forsooth, a brand new, second-hand quilt – at a considerable cost – I asked Ben for an explanation. He said that, in the market, he had read my list – of 1 item – and thought that I had written ‘quilt’. He, is a dullard. And I suppose that I am now to be known as ‘Wilt’ Shakespeare.

Prod & Produces


“The velocity of your ejaculate and the velocity of your sneeze are comparable.”

Which is a phrase from ‘Verge & Virility’ by Jane Austen

In a parallel dimension, of course.

The protagonists ‘ejaculate’ in the course of their ‘intercourse’ and this is acceptable over the dinner table whilst polite conversation is being held firmly within everybody’s grasp.

They touched upon such subjects as: Lady Sankles, balcony protrusions, and what a ‘prod’ produces.

The times may have changed; but, when all is said and done, there is no more to be ejaculated upon.