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“Art” #SoCS @LindaGHill

“Art” #SoCS @LindaGHill

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I popped some “Art” in the cart, and headed for the checkout.

Self-service, I think.

Brought my own bag? – yup!

15 items or less? -yup!

Each one is a carrot.

I pop 15 carrots into my bag.

Each one weighs approximately the same as my 15 pieces of “Art”.

I pay – cash.

Not going to be traced by using plastic.

I am in disguise, too.

Nobody notices a white, middle-aged, well-dressed, politely-spoken nobody.


I pop my “Carrots” into the back of my ‘invisible’ van, and drive to the warehouse.

My “Art” is quickly offloaded and carefully packed in recyclable plastic and bubble-wrap. All 15 items (counted once more) are then placed inside a hollow suitcase (empty) and this is taken to a locker at Paddington Station. Placed inside the locker, the suitcase is left for over a hundred years without any disturbance. The key to the locker is posted (2nd class) to an address in Singapore that doesn’t exist.

One hundred years later, Paddington Station is subject to an explosive device that blows the door off of a single locker. Not the one that the suitcase is in; but, for the look of things, all the lockers are removed to be melted down for the war effort – there wasn’t a war, but it’s best to be prepared.

The 15 “Carrots” are discovered by a labourer who was labouring under the misapprehension that he was not going to discover* a life-changing discovery.

He did, and it did.

The “Art” was returned to its owner – the State.

All in all – it had been a pointless exercise.

Art for Art’s Sake.


*is where my self-regulating 10-minutes ran out.



#SoCS – ‘Ask somebody for a prompt’ Prompt @LindaGHill

#SoCS – ‘Ask somebody for a prompt’ Prompt @LindaGHill

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‘Ask ‘somebody what my prompt is!”

Do you think I have prompt-buddies on speed dial? Is there an assistant that I can turn to?

“Ask somebody what my prompt is, Mr Daniels!” Without please or thank you.

I might pop to a neighbours and ask them what my prompt is – but, the hard of hearing and the hard of understanding won’t be much use to me in this dire emergency.

Hold a seance and ask the dead what my prompt is – mmmmm? Well, that may not work without a room full of gulls called Ibble. And the widgee board could be said to have been fixed. Knock once for ‘my prompt is ‘fire’!

And on it goes.

And I only have ten minutes from when I set the 10-minute timer to do all of this!

I’m on a strict deadline here, folks!

I need a prompt, and I need it now – or yesterday would be even better.

Where is it – I’ll check the post box, under the settee, behind the cooker… no, no, and a big fat NO!

None of those places is where my prompt is. Perhaps I. Oils just use last week’s and say that ‘I’m terribly sorry, but my house was ill and my cat fell down.’

That might work in some other,, less stringent, Universe – but not this one – Oh, no.

I shall just have to wing it and work on the basis that if I choose any old prompt there is a 1 in 50,000,009 chance of it being the one – it’s probably a better chance than that, but if you put 50,000,009 on a calculator and turn it upside down you will find the word ‘oooooo’ – now isn’t that interesting? Rhetorical! Question!

Oh, well, I shall have to admit the feet (de feet) and just await a proper prompt so that I can write a proper stream* of Consciousness Saturday piece.


*Is where my 10-minutes ended.

One Day in 1868 At a Cornish Tin Mine. #SoCS @LindaGHill

One Day in 1868 At a Cornish Tin Mine.

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“Tin! We’ve struck ‘Tin!’ At the mine! It’s gushing thirty-feet high from the drilling rig!”

The mine manager, a Mr. Montague ‘Monty’ Morency, looked at the miner with something of a kind, fatherly gaze.

“Tin does not gush, Stevens. Tin tends to just ‘be’. One of Tin’s most useful attributes is that it ‘does not’ dissolve and run away back into the ground from where it has been found.” Monty stood tall and backed up his words with a stance of particular magnitude and decorum.

“But!” managed Stevens. “It’s definitely gushing, and it’s definitely ‘Tin’ – we’ve discovered Liquid Tin! You could tell Stevens was excited by the manner that he was literally bouncing from foot to foot. If could be said that he was ‘jumping for joy’.

“Now, come on, Stevens; we all know that ‘Tin’ doesn’t pour, flow, decant or run lazily downstream, is how can it ‘gush’? Are you perhaps mistaking ‘Oil’ for your ‘Liquid Tin’?

“No, Sir; it’s definitely ‘Liquid Tin’- Archie says so.

“Archie Lummox ? The great big… well, lummox, has told you to tell me that we have found ‘Liquid Tin’?

“That’s right. Archie told me, to tell you, that we, had discovered Liquid Tin!.”*

“And what is the date today, Stevens?”

“April the… oh! Has he done it again?”

“I think so, Stevens. As well as being a ‘lummox’ Archie Anthill is also an April Fooler!”


‘Monty’ looked at Stevens dejected walk as he returned to the mining area.

“Liquid Tin, indeed.”

And so the Liquid Tin was left to dissipate into the ground and was never seen again in Cornwall – or anywhere else for that matter.

Tin-Tin Takes A Walk Along the Cornish Lanes – #SoCS @LindaGHill

Tin-Tin Takes A Walk Along the Cornish Lanes

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Tin-Tin – no, not that one – was walking along the Cornish lanes minding his own business, when he saw a strange sight in a field to his left. Looking away, he saw that all was well in a field to his right, so he focused his attention upon that field.

Cows in a line, a line that was a bit too regular for his liking…! And sheep, all exactly the same, facing. The same way and stopping to eat the greenest grass ever at exactly the same moment.

Synchronised Sheep?

Looking up at a solid flap of wings, Tin-Tin saw Geese flying across the air toward the local pond. They were also as one – not a discrepancy between their flights. One almighty ‘honk!’ broke the silence – that had lain unnaturally across the land.

The ‘Honk!’ was then followed by a concrete block of a ‘Moo!’ and a woollen shawl of a ‘Baa!’

Tin-Tin looked back at the field on the left, the strange sight there didn’t seem so strange after all – then the three Llamas stood on a tiny hillock started ‘alarming’ at Tin-Tin. And what a noise that was.

Tin-Tin loved his walks along the Cornish lanes; but, sometimes, they were a bit of a shock to the system. *

*10-minutes was up here!

“Musical” #SoCS prompt for @LindaGHill

“Musical” #SoCS @LindaGHill

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“I like to blog in America!”

“I like to blog in Siberia!”

“I like to blog in Almeria!”



“Where is that?”

“You’ve never heard of Almeria?”

“Well, not until very recently, no.”

“We’re on the map.”

“Which map?”

“The world map of… places.”

“Which continent are you on?”

“We don’t believe in continents.”

“What? Everybody believes in continents.”

“Not everybody, so it seems.”

“Okay. What is the country next to yours called?”

“We call it Jimmizus.”

“You’re making this all up!”

“No, it’s true; Jimmizus is a wonderful country, as it shields us from the world.”

“So, is it like a mythological place, such as… um… Nirvana?”

“The band?”

“No. The place.”

“No, not like Nirvana; although we, too are strangely musical – we like grunge.”

“You’re kidding us – making all of this up. Almeria is just a figment of your imagination. Tell us something about Almeria.”

“It smells nice.”


“Yes. It’s lovely.”

“What does it smell like?”

“Oh, you know, teen spirit, and all that.”

“Now we know that you are having us on. What is the capital of Almeria*, tell me that


“Prompt!” #SocS @LindaGHill


See here for Linda’s rules and ting

I don’t know what the prompt is for today, so I’m just going to wing it and see how many words I can write in 10 minutes. Hopefully 1 of them will be the prompt word, or my post will have some connection with the prompt – I know, this is quite random; but, I have ever been a random person.

The sea may be a possibility. Did you see that poem there? Where? Right there on the stare – a little poem with words in; well, I declare, going te-dum, dum, dum, te-dum on the stare.

No, not the sea. I did say the Sea-Word yesterday ‘Sea’. -nobody seemed to mind or even thought it a bit contentious on my part.

So, I said it again ‘Sea!’ in an exclamatory way – nada.

So, I stopped saying it and still nobody cared – what an apathetic planet I live upon – do you?

Moving on, the past, present, or future maybe the prompt.

Or a sidewalk in Sinsinatti (which isn’t spelled (or spelt) like that unless it’s the place on Zarquon 5 which is spelled (or spelt) exactly like that.

Fish or Llamas, bears or goats, 10-pound notes, bananas, or fruit in a suit – not bananas in pyjamas, that’s just silly.

Oranges, still fruit, and walnuts, mangoes, pavements, hair, water and coffee, tea, liquids of a sort.

Maybe, a shoe, a shop, or a shoe-shop could be the prompt.

A play on words. Type / tipe / tripe or the like – as if?

Lastly, it may be that I have missed the prompt by a country mile and cows, sheeps and the obligatory stile are not quite right either.

Food of a desert nature (or desserts) wine* or the like.

*10 minutes ended here.


PS The prompt was ‘ma‘ – did I include it one of my words? I think that ‘Llamashas it!


‘Can’ #LindaGHill #SoCS


For Linda’s prompt page and details see HERE’

Can I write something in ten minutes?

Well, sure.

But, will it make sense.

Does it ever?

Shall I write it in the present tense?

I can, and I shall.

Shall I write it in a polemical poemical format with tricksy wordplay.

What, for a change, do you mean?

I can; but, I won’t


Are you my writing conscience?

I can be. Do you need a writing conscience?

I might do. Will you help me to prepare for my ten-minute challenge?

The one that you are already doing?


I can; but I think that you will just do this (and well) all by yourself.

I can do that?

Why sure! You can do anything.


Well, no, not anything, obviously. How are you going to invent the perfect sandwich; fly to Mars using a homemade rocket; learn Swahili; climb Everest in a washing machine; reconcile the-

I get the picture. Your list of things is probably… quite long.

It is.

And I can ‘probably’ only do a ‘few’ things – in the scheme of things.


‘Cannot the Human Being do all things in the mind.’

Did you just make that up.

I might have done. I write and I create. I can do that. And in my mind I conceive the thoughts that I write.


Indeed. With my writing I can, and do, do anything.

You sure can.

Apropos of nothing…


I used to have the nickname ‘Spray Can’ once.

Just the once?

Ah! Touché my poemical * conscience.