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LindaGHill’s #SoCS Challenge ‘Precious’

LindaGHill’s #SoCS ‘Precious’

See HEREfor details.

I set myself a 10-minute limit to writing this type of ‘stream-of-consciousness’ thing because time is precious. And then I misspell all the words because thumbs are too big and clumsy.

And then Rosie the Cat wants attention – and she doesn’t understand that Daddy is writing to a deadline. She sits and looks at me, nudges my hand (which makes my spelling wobble once more) and then climbs upon my chest. I continue writing (one-handedly) and try and placate Rosie, Who then walks off in a huff because Daddy isn’t focusing on her and her alone.

She, also, is a little bit ‘precious’.

Now where was I? (Checks back to start of these words). Okay, nothing of importance said so far, as is usual.

When you are writing of the moment about the things that are happening around you, it seems that the focus of your words can be taken from the ‘of-the-moment’ experience of life and pointed to the ‘writing-stuff-down’ of a ‘S-o-C’ challenge.

There, that is about as deep as it gets. Mistress Shallow I am.

A You-Tube video of a Koala comes my way; but, I am on a mission to get to the end of my 10-minutes (you all have your own, these are mine) having written something of true importance (not ‘omportance’ *as I wrote.

*The tuner sounded here – I could have written something of worth; but, I won’t get too precious about it.

PS my ‘Golllum’ solution to this prompt his in a cave under a mountain waiting for a fish, so never even considered the possibility of tearing it’s ugly head to the light.


#SocS ‘Card’ @LindaGHill

#SoCS prompt ‘card’

See herefor all the info


“If I discard ‘this’ card…?”


“Will it be of a benefit to me?”

“I don’t think that you can be sure ‘now’ what the consequences will be. Time will tell, as they say.”

“Oh, they do do they?”

“It is a turn of phrase… an axiom… or an idiom… or something like one of those.”

“Are you saying that I am an ‘idiom?’ “

“Not in so many words, no. But, there are times when we all seem to be less than what we actually are.”

“ ‘Nobody told me there would be days like these.’ “

“Pre-cisely! “

“Quoting some lyric or other is always a way of getting my meaning across.”

“Yes. You wear it well.”

“Ha! Touché! You are always on my mind.”

“That’s neat, that is very neat.”

“Thank you for the praise.”

“By the way, I really love your tiger feet.”

“I didn’t think you’d noticed.”

“Not notice! They are the finest in the whole of the zoo.”

“Well, there are only the two of us here. Hardly a one in a million is it?”

“Fifty ways to leave your plover!”

“Really? We are on to punning song titles now?”

“You have to do something to pass the time.”

“True. You can’t* even get a decent crossword to do around here.”

*The 10-minute timer that I had set went off here – luckily for you, otherwise I would have been off along the various other paths that this was leading to.

‘-ic’ and ‘-ical’ prompt for Linda G Hill’s #SoCS

#SoCS prompt the suffixes ‘ic’ or ‘ical’ See here for details

Giving myself a 10-minute limit (as is my wont).

Being born in Suffix (which I wasn’t) I have always considered my self to be a Suffix boy.

Not to be too philosophical about it, I always try to be soporific – whatever that means.

I speak lyrical and sometimes satirical sentences on any pretences – it’s what I was raised to do.

I spout words calorific, though never specific, and they turn out horrific when, as is typical, I’m too analytical and who is to say if I’m just hypocritical when I speak what I do.

I can’t be specific when I’m crossing the Pacific, though it’s never too calm for a clam.

I am somewhat parasitical, if not a little less political, who’s the critic being critical in an ICU ward?

Now here is a thing – the bell it does ring – if not it is quiet as a picnic is picnicical – with the horrors that a wasp attack will bring.

I panic. I am really quite panicical – though not in a piratically practical sort of way.

I have much that is wittical, funny and dittical, though raucous laughter is not at all where I am attic at all. Bury your ants, your aunts, and lofticical maybe*

*this is where my 10-minutes ended – thank goodness! G:)

Bodily Functions – Linda G Hill’s #SoCS

My response to Linda G Hills’s #SoCS prompt try writing one and see what fun they can be.

Bodily Functions

Bodily functions were held in the Bodily Town Hall – apart from, when suitable, the Sun was shining, in which case the gardens to the rear of the Bodily Town Hall were utilised.

As of late, weddings were the most popular of all the various functions to be held there. Fêtes and Dog Shows were also very popular in the gardens, tea-parties inside and outside (when whether did not permit) and Pilates Marathons inside were the main items on any self-disrespecting Bodily inhabitant.

A Whist Drive was quite popular; but the old-style Bingo was falling into a state of lethargic attendance where people just couldn’t dib the numbers like they used to.

A notice went up on Bodily Town Hall for an ‘Open-Mic Night’ and ‘Karaoke’ combination session; but Bodily wasn’t ready for this and rejected the idea – poor ticket sales also derailed many other new-fangled events.

But, the Flea-Market was still going, some fifty years after it first started – with just one flea. Now there were hundreds – if not thousands.

All-in-all, Bodily Functions were something of a hotch-potch.*

*the 10-minutes that I allow myself for this sort of thing (or it will go on and on) was signalled over, by my timer, here.

‘Tea, Tee, and T-prompt’ for LindaGHill’s #SoCS.

Tee Tea and T- SoCS (see Linda’s post for Details Here).

“It’s Tee-time!” He called.

Quickly ditching his tie and day-Old shirt, he popped on a Pink Floyd Tee-shirt.

Hailing from the 1980s – him and the Tee-shirt – it was a bit faded and had one or two moth-holes in one or two places. But, still, there was mileage in it.

André walked out of the office and into the world of rock. Well, ROCK!!!! If you must have the detail emphasised. Although some would say Prog-Rock was not their cup of tea, André loved the syncopated rhythms and lengthy instrumental passages more than almost anything.

He had enjoyed early T-Rex when he was growing up (when they were called Tyrannosaurus Rex and Steve Peregrine Took was a member along with Marc Bolan.

And André had even named his firstborn Debora – his son would never forgive him for that – and his secondborn Marcia – a girl this time.

Pink Floyd was something else. Another Brick in the Wall was soon playing and being sung by André the busker. *

*My 10-minute timer went off here.

Organ – Linda G Hill’s SoCS

Linda’s Info Here

Organ SoCS – Linda G Hill

Organic, manic mechanic,

other words ending in ’ick’ (sic)

What should I write to explain my panic?

I know not what – so far utter butter nutter rot – carrot!?

No. I really should pen something sensible, comprehensible, defensible.

I should… but, is that likely?

Not gonna happen.

Okay, Organ is the prompt,

And I won’t rest until I’be got that prompt whomped!

I had to get that rhyme in,

And I did just in time,

Due to my perfect timin’

Or my lack of thingy.

I say ’thingy’ because I can’t recall the word I wanted;

It wouldn’t come to mind,

I vouldn’t find it

at all

No way


I’all remember it later,

when it’s too late to matter,

batter, fatter, hatter…

now, it’s just silly, Billy.

If that is your name?

Which it probably isn’t.

Though if it is – go me!

To a nunnery?

Mayhaps not. though the idea does have some credibility, ability, fragility, senility, finality to this banality… isn’t the 10-minutes up yet? Did I set the timer properly.?

And why haven’t I mentioned ’Organ’ more?

Well, perhaps it’s because I am planning poor. Or things have gone awry, astray, doo-lally, today.

I will just have to stop here and now as my 10 minute*s is most definitely up!

*10-Minutes alarm here!

LindaGHill’s #SoCS – 10-Minute write – The Bat

Linda G Hill’s SoCS

linda’s #SoCS (10-minute SoC) – prompt: 3-letter word.

Linda’s prompt (See here for more info) for SoCS (for Stream of Consciousness Saturday) is “3-letter word.” Start your post with any 3-letter word. Bonus points if you end with one too.

The bat was sat upon the mat.

”Whatever you is, you ain’t no cat, bat!” remarked Alice, with all the caring love in her voice that any bat-mother could display.

”We got no need for a batty bat!” her little joke.

The bat pricked up it’s ears and tried to understand the words. No, just the sound of the human’s voice with no actual level of comprehension.

The bat sat for a while longer, before deciding that sitting upright was a bit of a chore.

’I shall go and hang from the ceiling once more – I enjoyed that the last time I tried it.’

The bat had been experimenting with its environment. Learning by watching its bat-mother was not going that well; walking on two-legs, sitting upright, and talking in that deep and gruff manner weren’t natural for the bat – and then there was the diet.

Bat was sure that cheese and pickle sandwiches* were very nice, if you liked cheese… and pickle.

The bat upon the mat thought a lot about that.

*That was as far as I got in my 10-minutes.