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Cornish Limerick #3 (and it’s a bit of a tongue-twister).

Cornish Limerick #3

There once may be is a young lady from Camborne

Who will one day have now might have then looked like a little new lamb born

She soon used to jump over future fences

In all the wrong pasture tenses

And one day she could have will have had would of will have been to be about to have been and may be shorn.

Cornish Limerick #2

Cornish Limerick #2

There was an old man from Truro

Who bought a second-hand bureau

When he got it home

Through its drawers he did roam

And found a pin and a Euro.

Cornish Limerick @PirateFM

Cornish Limerick @PirateFM

There was a young girl from Penzance

Who lived with her twelve maiden aunts

They taught her the rule

‘Never trust a fool’

So no Cornish boy stood a chance.

My Vegan Limerick

My Vegan Limerick (Mon Végétalien Limerick)

There was a young lady from France

Who only ate seeds, nuts and plants,

She was kind to the planet

Her name n’était pas Janet

And she stove to give les animaux une chance.

When a Haiku is just not enough!

When a Haiku is just not enough!

Hardly a mouthful,

the Haiku is short and sweet;

leaves you wanting more.

Another Haiku?

Or should you seek something more?

A sonnet maybe?

Even Tankas are lacking

a true poem’s length.

And a couplet is over in a few seconds short

That it’s longevity in brevity is certainly nought.

But if we cobble together a mixture of these,

and add a random poem on a subject like cheese,

it may make the poetry enough

to get you through stuff;

or make the hairs grow on your knees.

Edam is made backwards

in a country called Dutch;

I know that’s not it’s real name,

but I shall put it as such;

and Peter Pan liked his cheese all the same

and made in Nethernetherland,

Or, at least, that is his claim.

Limerick – Old Lady from Fowey.

There was an old lady from Fowey*

Who wished she had been born a boy;

Tom as her name;

Playing the rough-tumble game;

But, as Cindy she was purely a toy.

*Fowey in Cornwall is pronounced ’Foy’.

Limerick – Lady from Tring.

There was a young lady from Tring

who just didn’t rhyme with a thing;

she was rather upset,

so she phoned up a vet;

who examined her knees in Peking*.

*I know it’s now Beijing, but the vet often sees Peking Knees.