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The happy / sad Bat Limerick

The happy / sad Bat Limerick

There once was a bat, upside down

whose smile was perceived as a frown;

she now cries as she hangs,

people shy from her fangs

and call her a miserable clown.


Trelawny went to Limerick.

Trelawny went to Limerick

There was a young man named Trelawny

Who could rarely stifle a yawn,

He tried and he tried,

Leant his head to one side,

Drank a glass of water,

Breathed in (and out) of a paper bag,

Then held his breath for a week

(Narrowly avoiding death)

Then realised that he didn’t have hiccoughs,

And just needed to get to bed earlier.

That silly young man named Trelawny.

A Limerick Revisited

A Limerick Revisited

There was an old lady from Fowey*

Who wished that she’d been born a boy;

Ken as her name;

Playing the rough-tumble game;

But, as Barbie she was purely a toy.

*Fowey in Cornwall is pronounced ’Foy’.

“Special Offer – Limericks 20% Off!”

“Special Offer – Limericks 20% Off!”

The forger did forget he was forged

Ate an apple until he was gorged

Copied a copious amount

To a bank note account

Cornish Limerick #4

Cornish Limerick #4

There once was a man from St. Ives

Who was said to have had too many wives;

He said “Don’t be daft!

“How many is too many?” he laughed.

So we shall leave them to get on with their lives.

Cornish Limerick #3 (and it’s a bit of a tongue-twister).

Cornish Limerick #3

There once may be is a young lady from Camborne

Who will one day have now might have then looked like a little new lamb born

She soon used to jump over future fences

In all the wrong pasture tenses

And one day she could have will have had would of will have been to be about to have been and may be shorn.

Cornish Limerick #2

Cornish Limerick #2

There was an old man from Truro

Who bought a second-hand bureau

When he got it home

Through its drawers he did roam

And found a pin and a Euro.