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There was a young lady from Kew – Limerick (co-written by David P.)

There was a young lady from Kew

Who didn’t know what to do

Her conundrum was such

She didn’t think much

So she soon met her own Waterloo.

There was a young lady from Kew

There was a young lady from Kew

who had never been to Limerick

because she knew

she wouldn’t then fit

in the formatted shape of a Haiku.

There once was a team, Limerick FC

There once was a team, Limerick FC,

that played in two thousand and three,

they’d been good before,

but had since become poor,

and who knew what their future would be?

Random Acts of Poetry #6

There once was a Limerick so funny,

that it sold for a whole lot of money,

to a private collection,

for personal delection,

because that one was particularly punny.

There once was a lady named Sally

There once was a lady named Sally,

who lived the other side of the valley;

her hair it was soft,

but up in her loft,

there was nothing but total doolally.

Limerick Lace Limerick

There once was a lace made in Limerick,

they either made it real slow, or they made it quick,

it was frilly and cute,

when made into a suit,

but it should never be worn at a pic-a-nic.

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There once was a cat name of Sophie,

who entered a race, won a trophy;

she was fast on her feet,

all the others did beat—

Fork – a Limerick

I never yet ate with a fork,

which makes me some kind of a dork,

a spoon does suffice

for the drinking of ice,

and a knife for the slicing of cork.

When life is a bit dull…

If life is a bit dull

in Yeovil or Hull

then write a Limerick

about Jethro Tull

and his agrarian invention of the seed drill.

Sorry, to disappoint you,

that was not that Limerick,

as you might well tell,

because I am like Billy, idle,

without a rebel yell,

crying for ‘More, more, more!’

L is for Limerick #NaPoWriMo2021 – Day 4

There once was a boat made in Éire,

In the boatyard of a fine city, there;

a craft of two knots,

that was covered in spots,

like a slow boat with Chinese Malaria.