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Love is Life

Love is Life

Life is Love

Is Love Life?

Is Life Love?

? Love Life is

Life Love ? is

And then I jumble up the letters…

¿voLe fiLe sì?

Wherever you are

Wherever you are

is a little bit beautiful

and a little bit dull;

a little bit too much

a little bit not enough,

and a little bit just right.

Wherever you are

or were, or will be,

is a part of your life’s history.


for a moment

and think

do you live your life from the centre,

or do you hover upon the brink?


I have died a thousand deaths,

taken a thousand last breaths,

said a thousand last words – none of them funny –

and, finally, closed my eyes

a thousand times;

only to live to see another day,

breathe in morning’s sweet scent,

listen, once more, to the variable wisdom of others,

and see that there are many things worth not dying for.



I was pondering,

the other day –

in a pond, obviously,

about the world,

and where it



After a considerable amount

of pond-pondering,

I came to the conclusion

that, given that I have

a very limited


of this sort of thing,


I would be better off

pondering my armpits.

So, I pondered upon those for a while.

Life is deep.

Life = Flux

Well, when I say full…

My life is in flux;

I’m wearing a tux

in a field full of ducks

that look like cows.

#Ancestry (for those who came before)



Hopefully many years aparted

With lots of life lived in between.

And, yet, I look upon families

That live their lives

From the cradle

To the grave

In a few minutes.
The words don’t tell the stories

Of love and happiness –

And the darker times;

They just give dates and places

They don’t often give faces

To the names.

They rarely tell of the games played

The detail of the lives lead.
But, I build a picture of those

That came before

And went before

And are ‘not quite’

No more.

Scrabbling in the Dark?


Are we just Scrabbling in the dark?
Shining our torches on random ‘triple-word’ scores
In the hope that ‘quazajx’
Will win the game
Save the day
Carp the diem?

Or are we just pawns
On a chequered path
moving slowly towards a checkmate of sorts.

Are we orange Revels?
Or stale biscuits
Past our prime?

Are we asking Mr. Wolf the time
Much too often
As of late?

Are we just broken twigs
After the walker has passed by
One more remove from life’s journey?

Are we the sunset
Rather than the sunrise?

Are we nearing a conclusion?
Rather than asking those probing questions as we did long ago?

Life is…

Life is...

Life is…

“Sometimes, ‘Life’ ‘is’ a roller-coaster.”
“Sometimes, life is just a broken toaster.”
I never wrote the first
But, it is reckoned (by me) that I
Wrote the second.

Or, if you look at things differently,
I did just write the first line;
But, I wasn’t the first to write it;
And, ‘I’ may as well own the second line;
As nobody else will care to claim it –
Or ‘dare to’ – a shame;
As it is rather a fine line
Between ‘life’ and ‘orate’
When even your auto-correct
Doesn’t want to co-operate;
I initially put ‘prate!’
Which is what I do…
On a regular basis.