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Random Fandom

Random Fandom

Random Fandom

is a thing…

that poets seldom get;

but, once, and,

maybe not even then,


was admired from afar,

considered a star,

given a ‘Hussah!’



have never forgotten the moment…

when I made that up.

Llamas in the Bahamas?

Not a real image.

Not a real image.

There are no bees in the Pyrenees
There are no llamas in the Bahamas
These may not be true
they are just what I think
but if it’s all the same to you
I will continue to think things like these
and the truth of things, I eschew.

I Read The News


I Read The News…

When I read the papers
I get the vapours
Though I don’t really know
What the vapours are.

The headlines are gory
And the content is gruesome
And every single story
Tells of someone who threw some

IEDs at a person like me.
It’s not that it happens everyday,
Everywhere; but, it’s front-page
Headline news; so,
Even though it’s rare
it must be as true

As eggs is eggs;
And I ‘could’ be wearing another man’s shoes.