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Demon Library: Where Angels Fear To Read

Demon Library: Where Angels Fear To Read

For fools rush in

and knock over a stand,

a floral display, a waste-paper bin;

loiterers loiter (as is their wont)

by the sign shouting “Silence!”

and only returning

from whence they came

at cloning time.

A book upon the Mafia,

once taken out,

remains taken out.

And the crumbs of information

gleaned from the Reference Section

are a scant comfort to readers

far and wide.

A Journey To…

Every journey

begins with a single step.

And then another…

before too long

you are halfway up the stairs;

nearing the centre of the Earth;

twenty-thousand leagues under the sea;

or landing upon the surface of the Moon.

How far away is your library?

Just a few steps?

The Returning of Library Books

Mary CelesteThe-Bermuda-TriangleBiggles

Delilah Badger walked into the library.

Excuse me…!”

There was nobody in sight.

Is there anybody there?”

She waited for perhaps ten seconds (actually seven) and repeated her query, but with an emphasis on the word ‘anybody.’

Is there ‘anybody’ there?”


Delilah walked over to the ‘Staff Only’ sign-encumbered door and knocked briskly three times upon its imposing façade.

The door could have been the entrance to an Egyptian tomb; it was as solid as a cliff face – and particularly uninviting.

Delilah tried the door handle. It turned. She pushed. It gave. Then swung open with all the grace and style of a ballerina (supposedly to allow a book-toting librarian easy access). Delilah entered the room beyond.

There was a sturdy Librarian’s mug on the coffee table, with steam curling up decorously from within it; a side-plate, with a partially eaten Rich Tea biscuit upon it, to the side. For a library staff room – it was certainly lacking something – librarians, for a start.

Having ascertained that there were no exits from here, Delilah returned to the main library itself. Still nobody in sight.

Is there ‘ANYBODY’ at all, of any shape or size, in this LIBRARY!” shouted Delilah, flagrantly ignoring the ‘SILENCE’ signs that were dotted every six feet along the walls; being presided over by the master of the ‘SILENCE’ sign, located above the main desk; which had daubed upon the hanging sign, letters twelve inches high ‘quoting the inimitable: ‘SILENCE, Please!’

Delilah sighed; popped her bag open and took out the three books from within. She placed them upon the counter. They sat there, silently – well behaved books, they were.

Delilah wrote a quick note upon an ‘overdue’ slip of paper and popped it into the front of the top book; which, ironically, was ‘The Story of the “Marie Celeste” ‘ (with 35 illustrations) by Charles Edey Fay.

Delilah Badger left the library and was never seen again.