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She was sucking on a lemon when I saw her

She was sucking on a lemon when I saw her,

and her face kinda stayed like that;

with that expression, no one could ignore her,

she was the sour cream eaten by the cat.

A sunny disposition wasn’t hers,

she moaned and groaned in conversation;

like a puss that pounces ‘fore it purrs,

she grimaced like a cancelled fun vacation.

April the 20th- Lemons (poem 2) by Graeme Sandford

You can’t make lemonade
Without cracking a few lemons
Or squeezing a few eggs
Or something like that.
The truth begs for me to tell it
From the rooftops to yell it
From the eggshell to shell it
To be precise, to to be exact
I have absolutely no idea how to make lemons.