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The race to be

Is it you,

or is it me,

who’s going to be

the last leaf on the tree?

Every other leaf has fallen,

we’ve been left behind;

and when one more leaf

has heard its calling;

there will only be

one last solitary leaf

upon the tree to find.

delyow omhweles

delyow omhweles

my a yll aga gweles

onen hag oll.

leaves fall down

I can see them

one and all.

As I was, yet again, going to Saint Ives – rhymes with leaves.

As I was,

yet again,

going to St. Ives,

I saw a man

collecting leaves,

he said he had

most every leaf,

that ever there was,

I showed disbelief,

until he showed me his collection;

‘At least’, he said,

‘A select selection.’

I was amazed

by what I’d seen,

a leaf of brown,

and one of green,

he said he kept the rest at home,

and topped them up

when he did roam.

Leave the Leaves

Leave the Leaves

Leave the leaves

upon the trees,

and leave the trees alone.

Are you listening West Wind?

It isn’t much I ask,

not a difficult task,

to leave the leaves upon the trees

and leave the trees alone.

The Rain Fell

The Rain Fell

The rain fell

from sky

to leaf

to me,

as I walked


the woods.

From The Viewpoint of the Garden

From The Viewpoint of the Garden

Leaves and clouds and sky and stuff,

like my words and rhymes

the weather can be rough

or smooth;

and I can either move to the groove

or shelter from the storm

(or the excessively warm)

in the garden

where the pottery of poetry

is often found

by looking skywards

at the ground.

As I was going to…

As I was going to…

As I was going to St. Ives

I met a man who picked up leaves;

he picked up nine and seven more,

he then dropped four,

and picked up five;

with how many leaves did I arrive?

Leaves Fall

Leaves Fall

Leaves fall

“Come one, come all!

See what I have found!

A resting ground

where we can lay

and fade away.”