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A random leaf

I said ‘Hello!’ to a random leaf;

but, the random leaf ignored me;

I said hello to another leaf –

with the outcome just the same;

I said ‘Hello!’ to many leaves;

but none of them replied –

so, eventually,

I gave up saying hello to random leaves –

it was silly,

and it bored me

Oh my gosh, it was beyond belief, today, I was hit on the head, by a great big leaf!

Well, the title says it all,

so I don’t have to pen a tale so tall;

and when you shout, ‘What?’

I answer the call,

because, in my dictionary

‘Pride’ comes before ‘Fall’.

It’s not a very good dictionary,

actually, it’s fictionary.

In Autumn / The Fall

In Autumn,

a leaf fell;

in the Fall,

it also fell;

be it one or the other,

the result was the same:

the first to fall,

I have found,

presages a general

leaf fest upon the ground.

Bee on a Leaf

I saw a bee upon a leaf,

which gave me great belief

that a bee can be upon a leaf

and the leaf can bee

happy, too.

Edward de Leaf

Edward lived every day

as if it was his first,

or his last;

green of experience in his youth

he learnt all that could

until he became a wizened old fellow.

One day,

whilst wearing a coat of brown, trimmed with a motley yellow,

he fell to the ground,

and just lay there.

The race to be

Is it you,

or is it me,

who’s going to be

the last leaf on the tree?

Every other leaf has fallen,

we’ve been left behind;

and when one more leaf

has heard its calling;

there will only be

one last solitary leaf

upon the tree to find.

Today and the flying leaf.

Today, I was almost concussed by a flying leaf;

it came at me so fast,

it was almost beyond belief;

but, by my ducking, it missed me,

as it passed it almost kissed me,

then it went on its way,

And that is the story of how

I was almost concussed by a flying leaf,


The Leaf and the Butterfly

I saw a green leaf falling

and it looked like a butterfly;

then I saw a butterfly

and it looked like a leaf,

a green one –

so, now, I’m feeling confused.

“I am the last leaf on the tree.”

“I am the last leaf on the tree”

The last leaf on the tree,

that’s me;

the others left home,

forgot about me;

never write, never call –

once the tree was family,

once the tree was all.

I am the


leaf on the tree.

“Hello, Little Leaf.” (Please sing this A Capella)

“Hello, Little Leaf.” (Please sing this A Capella)

Hello, little leaf,

Have you lost your way?

Are you far from home,

in the breeze blown away?

Hello, little leaf,

is it you once again?

Or is it your leafy friend?