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A butterfly, it was

A butterfly, it was,

and not a leaf;

against my belief,

that it ‘was’ a leaf,

that from off a branch

did fall

to the ground,

where it would be found

by leaf-eating creatures;

but, no, it wasn’t so,

it ‘was’ a butterfly,

that before it reached the very ground

did strike its wings

to soar, and glide

upon the breeze,

and alight once more

on a branch

in the trees.

A Leaf

A leaf fell from on high

to on low

the only way it knew to go.

Butterfly or but a leaf

It landed on a leaf,

I thought it was a butterfly;

I looked very closely,

but, to my flutter disbelief,

I found it was just another leaf

that had flown down from the sky.

The Bird who thinks it’s a leaf

It’s almost beyond belief,

but I’m a bird

who thinks it’s a leaf.

I perch on a branch

and sway

sometimes for as long

as a day.

The other birds laugh at me

in the Winter –

in the Summer I’m harder to see;

and in Autumn and Spring

I’m just doing my thing;

so, please leaf me alone,

let me be.

I was walking along, when …

I was walking along,

when a leaf, from off of.a tree,

landed upon my head,

damaging me –

I was concussed?

Nobody fussed

over my supine body,

but, other leaves soon joined in,

tapping a cacophonous threnody

upon my broken pate;

at this rate, I’ll be

the mound of the fallen zero –

more a landmark,

less a hero.

A random leaf

I said ‘Hello!’ to a random leaf;

but, the random leaf ignored me;

I said hello to another leaf –

with the outcome just the same;

I said ‘Hello!’ to many leaves;

but none of them replied –

so, eventually,

I gave up saying hello to random leaves –

it was silly,

and it bored me

Oh my gosh, it was beyond belief, today, I was hit on the head, by a great big leaf!

Well, the title says it all,

so I don’t have to pen a tale so tall;

and when you shout, ‘What?’

I answer the call,

because, in my dictionary

‘Pride’ comes before ‘Fall’.

It’s not a very good dictionary,

actually, it’s fictionary.

In Autumn / The Fall

In Autumn,

a leaf fell;

in the Fall,

it also fell;

be it one or the other,

the result was the same:

the first to fall,

I have found,

presages a general

leaf fest upon the ground.

Bee on a Leaf

I saw a bee upon a leaf,

which gave me great belief

that a bee can be upon a leaf

and the leaf can bee

happy, too.

Edward de Leaf

Edward lived every day

as if it was his first,

or his last;

green of experience in his youth

he learnt all that could

until he became a wizened old fellow.

One day,

whilst wearing a coat of brown, trimmed with a motley yellow,

he fell to the ground,

and just lay there.