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Today and the flying leaf.

Today, I was almost concussed by a flying leaf;

it came at me so fast,

it was almost beyond belief;

but, by my ducking, it missed me,

as it passed it almost kissed me,

then it went on its way,

And that is the story of how

I was almost concussed by a flying leaf,


The Leaf and the Butterfly

I saw a green leaf falling

and it looked like a butterfly;

then I saw a butterfly

and it looked like a leaf,

a green one –

so, now, I’m feeling confused.

“I am the last leaf on the tree.”

“I am the last leaf on the tree”

The last leaf on the tree,

that’s me;

the others left home,

forgot about me;

never write, never call –

once the tree was family,

once the tree was all.

I am the


leaf on the tree.

“Hello, Little Leaf.” (Please sing this A Capella)

“Hello, Little Leaf.” (Please sing this A Capella)

Hello, little leaf,

Have you lost your way?

Are you far from home,

in the breeze blown away?

Hello, little leaf,

is it you once again?

Or is it your leafy friend?

The Leaf (Revisited)

The Leaf (Revisited)

Oh, Leaf, I wonder where you are,

have you travelled near or far?

Are you just around the bend – like me?

Did you meet another friend – like me?

New Leaf



“Yes, Adam?”

“Is there something different about you?

“well… yes.”

“Your hair?”

“No, Adam.”


“I’ll tell you. It’s my fig leaf, it’s a Jabuticaba.”

“Never heard of that.”

“Nor me, until Serpentius showed it to me.”

“In the garden?”

“Yes, the tall tree with long, narrow leaves.”

“Doesn’t sound like any of ours.”

“It’s Brazilian.”