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An gath a wor (the cat knows)

Cats always know. A phrase designed to cause controversy?

Cats know lots of things, obviously one can learn a lot in nine lives;

even though cats, on average,

would seem to get through a life

every couple of years or so,

they rack up the knowledge

that is relevant to a cat.

I’ve never seen a cat

on Mastermind,

but I think that

watching a cat looking smug

in a black chair for two minutes…

‘Well, I’ve started my snooze,

so I’ll finish!’

Where would it all end?

Never mind, ‘Are Friends Electric?’

Never mind, ‘Are Friends Electric?’

the real question, to hand, is,

‘Are Grapes Acidic?’

Well, it turns out

that they are;

but, not so much as lemons;

but, more so than melons.

Who said that you don’t learn

anything from poetry?

I know…

I know

I know nothing;

which means…

I know something

and not nothing,

as I had, until recently, thought.

Who Knows

Who Knows

Who knows

what lies beneath,

lives on top,

or dwells within…

… Who is a very intelligent being…

Who knows so much.

That Blooming Chaffinch!

That Blooming Chaffinch!

That blooming chaffinch is off on one again!

Or it may be a sparrow…

or a robin, a wren…

or a Tangierian Banana Hawk…

if there is such a thing,

I know not.

My lack of knowledge

is due,

in part,

to my not studying

wild birds when I was at college…

and not having gone to college

in the first place.

A failing

that I do acknowledge.