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is not having dined

upon animals, fish, or fowl;

but being mindful,

of how

you live your life,

and provender your dish;

I wish to find

that all are


that is my wish.

My Human

My human …

gives me food.

My human ….

gives me water.

My human …

gives me love …

and protection …

and a place to stay …

and so much more.

If your human

doesn’t give you all these things …

then they darn well oughta!

Daisy the Cow

Daisy the Cow said,

‘That’s enough now!’

But, only a few that heard her voice,

chose to help her have a choice

that didn’t rely on a farmer.


It has just occurred (to me)

that ‘Help’ is a four-letter word;

as are ‘Hope’ and ‘Kind’.

These thoughts are running freely around my mind,

like animals with the freedom to exist without fear –

and ‘Fear’ is definitely a four-letter word.