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Derreck Lee was a Cornishman

Derreck Lee was a Cornishman

who lived in Stozzle Town,

he pastied away eventually

but they couldn’t pin him down.


They buried him in Truro,

parts of him in Roche;

where now he is a monument

that no one dares approach.


Derreck was a hero,

a maverick and a fool;

he declared himself the unknown king

of Par, and Pelynt, and Pool.


Derreck Lee was a Cornishmen

and one he’ll always be;

but he was not a king or anything

to do with royalty.

Ny wonn vy

Ny wonn vy,


Ytho, my a leverel,

‘Meur ras!’


Translates as:

I don’t know

‘Thank you,’,

so, I just say


An skonsen skeusen yn skon

What does it all mean?

Not just the title above,

but life itself?

A picture of a scone, soon,

might be trite –

as is much that I write –

but is it any different

from all else that will suffice

to be the stuff

that nightmares

are made on?


Please excuse my wittering

(I can witter at will)

and take this from my words:

‘If you have just received

a picture of a scone

through the post,

it has probably already arrived.’

May your dydh be da

May your dydh be da

your dy’Sul howlyek hag sygh;

lowenhe bewnans.


dydh = day

da = good

dy’Sul =Sunday

howlyek = sunny

ha / hag = and

sygh = dry

lowenhe = enjoy

bewnans = life / living

An Kamneves ha Deves

An kamneves

ha deves:

A rainbow

and sheep,

nothing deep,

nothing too serious,

just a view

to capture me

as I hope

it would capture you.

War an Voos

“War an Voos”

Not a missive from Tolstoy,

but a possible name

for something or other

that I might

or might not do.

It might mean something to me,

but probably little to you.

War an Voos

is ‘on the table’

and can be used as such.

I like the idea,

but can I put it into practice,

or should I kick it

into touch?

mis Hwevrer

Kynsa mis Hwevrer,

Nowydh an mis. y fydh erg.

Pur dhrog! Dress up warm.


Kynsa = first

mis = month

mis Hwevrer = February

Nowydh = new

an mis = the month

y fydh ergh = there will be snow

Pur dhrog! = very bad.

dy’Meurth Haiku

dy’Meurth, that’s hedhyw!

Ha ‘Meurth’ is not planet Earth,

mes Mars – oh, such mirth!


dy (contraction of ‘dydh’) = day

dy’Meurth = Tuesday

hedhyw = today

Ha = and

mes = but

Meurth = Mars

dy’Lun Haiku

dy’Lun – no planet;

ny wonn vy why it’s dy’Lun,

but it is – dydh da!




dy =shortening of ‘dydh’ = day

Lun = yet to find out

dy’Lun = Monday

ny wonn vy = I don’t know (exactly that phrase)

dydh da! = Good day! / Hello!

mis Genver

mis Genver

to start the new year

(an nowydh bledhen)

y’n Kernewek, my a scrifa,

y’n Kernow, I write.

Skrifer ov vy.

Prydydh ov vy.



mis = month

mis Genver = January

Genver = Venus

an nowydh bledhen = the new year

y’n Kernewek = in Cornish

y’n Kernow = in Cornwall

Skrifer ov vy = I am a writer

Prydydh ov vy = I am a poet

Meurastahwi! = Thank you!