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Trelissick, Cornwall 18-05-2015

Trelissick, Cornwall 18-05-2015

We walk along in Summer sun
The paths we tread are free to all
To exercise the pups and us
We run and twist, we turn in fun
We keep the track, they return to call…
We miss the city’s hustle, bustle, fuss
Not one bit;

We shall heed freedom’s thrall;
Unwind the tensioned inner truss;
Revealing a peace we ‘now’ recall.

St. Michael’s Mount, Marazion, 17-05-2015

St. Michael’s Mount,
Marazion, Cornwall 17-05-2015


The frequent frequency that frequents my mind
Is, here, modulated by a modicum of Marazion FM

A walk upon the canine-friendly beach
With our amicable-pups
Allows a lucid alleviation to occur.

And, so, a soft soporification by the sea
Somnolently stroking the shore
Has soothed the soul, satiating the need for some solitary solitude.

A Few Words Upon The Ocean


Tintagel 16-05-2015

As the chill Atlantic breeze,
With its taint of sea-salt,
Seeps into my eyes,
I look upon the vast unfathomable expanse
That is… an ocean.
Whereupon, I perceive the notion
To capture the experience in words.

Mist softens your edginess,
And an unjustified calm lies uneasily upon your surface,
While those shore-bound gaze longingly at you and desire the mermaid’s touch;
Such is your calling.
And boats with crews glide, or plough, your surface;
Pre-destined to port or sea bottom
As the sea is Rex Mer
And, but, calmly suffers your presence.

Be aware, that ruffled being
Can, by change of mood,
Desire your payment in forfeit souls.

Lastly, please bear in mind the calm beneath the surface
That does not exist.