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byskon mes (acorn cup)

I found a name

for a thing I knew,

a new name

like tykki Duw

for butterfly,

but this one was for an acorn cup,

byskon mes, I just had to look it up.

Mos tre lemmyn!

Mos tre!

Go home!


Mos tre yn skon!

Go home soon!


Mos tre lemmyn!

Go home now!


Drog yw genev,

I’m sorry,


Ny wonn vy…

I don’t know…




The Cornish Cheesemen (the Cornish Men of Cheese)

The two Cornish (Kernewek) Cheesemen were hunched over the Cheeseboard, playing Cheese, or ‘Keus!’ as they called it.

Sixteen (hwetek) pieces of Cheese (Keus) each, and then let the game of Cheese (Keus!) commence.

Not sure of the rules, but who needs rules when you have that much Cheese (Keus!)

Lili Gorawys

I wandered lonely as a Lili Gorawys

because that sounds nicer

than wandering lonely as a daffodil

or a kommol – which is a cloud

by another name.


If you should meet Lili,

please stop and chat;

but, she may not reply,

being a flower

and all that.

Ow Tyski

Ow tyski,

when will you ever learn?

Our mothers tortoise,

and they tortoise well;

but learning isn’t easy

when you never learn to spell.

The Unique Unicornwall

I have a title

and that’s not all,

I have mixed up Unicorn

with the place Cornwall;

that must be unique,

one of a kind,

from a creative genius

with a lentil mind.

Ny wonn vy

Ny wonn vy,


Ytho, my a leverel,

‘Meur ras!’


Translates as:

I don’t know

‘Thank you,’,

so, I just say


An skonsen skeusen yn skon

What does it all mean?

Not just the title above,

but life itself?

A picture of a scone, soon,

might be trite –

as is much that I write –

but is it any different

from all else that will suffice

to be the stuff

that nightmares

are made on?


Please excuse my wittering

(I can witter at will)

and take this from my words:

‘If you have just received

a picture of a scone

through the post,

it has probably already arrived.’

May your dydh be da

May your dydh be da

your dy’Sul howlyek hag sygh;

lowenhe bewnans.


dydh = day

da = good

dy’Sul =Sunday

howlyek = sunny

ha / hag = and

sygh = dry

lowenhe = enjoy

bewnans = life / living

An Kamneves ha Deves

An kamneves

ha deves:

A rainbow

and sheep,

nothing deep,

nothing too serious,

just a view

to capture me

as I hope

it would capture you.