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In the Car Haiku #JustSaying

Warmer in the car,

with the Sun’s warmth through the screen,

than it is outside.

Today’s Words.

Today’s words

if it does matter

is utter faff

and total spatter.

Please pop them in a Haiku,

a Tanka or do not

I don’t mind

if I find

that you haven’t done so –

I’ll just surmise

that you won’t have won

the three grand prize.



Who will use the ferry if the ferryman needs paying?

Who will listen to you when on bended knee you’re praying?

Who will wield the dagger if the enemy needs slaying?

Who will stop the band if your ears hurt when they’re playing?

Will you be taken seriously if you end your poems “just sayin’”?




Reading? Going out of fashion?


Well, I ask you, what is the thing with Reading and Reading? G:)

A Sim(ple) Tale


    A Day in the Life in Sim(pli)City.

You are born
You live
You may do a few things
Then you die.