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The Bracken Wakes

When walking the moors,

the one thing that you really don’t want to happen

is for the Bracken to wake.

“The Triffids are coming along nicely!”

The crop was ripening well,

but time would tell

if they were equal to the hype,

when ripe,

that Umberto Christoforo Palanguez

had given them.

Chapter 3: The Groping City.

When a city

loses its focus,

and can’t be seen

for what it once was,

what are its occupants to do?

Higgledy-piggledy the little piggies go,

carefully tripping over unseen obstacles,

and seeking things they do not know.

The one or two ‘lucky’ ones

that retain their sight,

see such calamities,

that cannot be put right.

Bill Masen was one,

Josella another;

their paths crossing

led to salvation for each other.

Although not straightforward,

with life plot twists and woe,

it takes a deal of anguish

for a complete bond to grow.

And the blind lead the blind,

to see what next they can find.

Chapter 2: The Coming of the Triffids

Triffids are as unlikely,

or as likely,

a creature to exist, as any other.

Though the fact that they should bear some resemblance

to the few carnivorous plants that there are,

and that they are so inclined to perambulate

in search of human flesh,

is something that doesn’t bear a lot of thought.

Thinking about how they arrived upon this planet,

it is less through the comets’ antics,

and more about the designs of Mankind

to create a super-oil producing vegetable.

Or so the story goes.

Seeds, stolen from the Russians (allegedly)

were scattered upon the four winds (I thought there were more) and found their way to the four corners of the world (I thought there were fewer). Thus were sown the seeds, literally, for Mankind’s downfall.

If only they could have seen that.

Chapter 1: The End Begins

Whether it is the beginning of the end,

or the end of the beginning,

I can only say that,

it began to end

on Tuesday, 7th May,

in a year unspecified*,

with green flashes in the sky,

possibly from comets

passing by –

possibly not.

Anyway, that was when

it all began,

to end.

*1901, 07, 12, 18, 29, 35, 40, 46, 57, 63, and 68

are possible years

in the last century,

when this fictional tale

may have taken place;

but, only if you infuse –

or use –

a little reality

into proceedings.


There is,

of course,

no such day,

as International Pet A Triffid Day;

it’s just something

I’ve planted into your mind,

to see if it will walk the triffid walk there.


So, when you do happen to come near

to any triffids today,

please take care,

and remember to say,


‘Triffids don’t exist,

they’re just from a book,

and, if wasn’t for those green flashes last night,

I’d take another look.’