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My dog is jealous

My dog is jealous,

of my other dog,

and is also jealous,

of my other other dog.


My other dog (the second one)

is jealous of my other other dog,

and also jealous of the first dog in this poem.

My other other dog doesn’t really do jealousy;

but is a quick-moving, lively, active sort…

when there is the prospect of food in the offing.


My three dogs are small, medium,

and slightly larger than medium

(but not large).

One is black, one is brown,

the third… has a lack of common sense,

hence we call her Derp –

even though it’s not her actual name.


All three get on well together,

and have formed a little circus troupe;

juggling, acrobacy, riding a bicycle backwards, and the like –

can you picture a Dachshund riding a bike?

Anyway, they are all loved and love back,

of canine affection we have no lack.