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I met her…

I met her…

I met her in a candy store*

and seven years after

I could say I’ve met her before;

actually I’ve met her

many times since then

and I can’t say

I’ve ever been happier

when every day

I’m happier still,

seven years on

a couple destined

like Will & Ben –

or Ben & Will*.

*Poetic Licence has been used here – I actually met Jane in an Art House (‘The’ Art House), and we actually call ourselves Oola and Bob (from the mythical Oolabob and Bobaloo).

You – a song about cheese.

You – a song about cheese

In C/G/D as usual, possibly minor chords as it is a sad song.

You, remind me of cheese

in fact, everything reminds me of cheese,

because, I’m hungry, Louise.

And, I know your name is Jane;

but, for a rhyme I went insane,

and hunger is a tease

when all you can think about is…

cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese

cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese,


Ode to an Ohm (which you can get to by following the path of least resistance)



Ode to an Ohm

Is that where the art is?
Where you keep house…
And the cart?

Is that where you live
Where the postman who
Wears his hat
To the surprise of Rosie
Your cat
Is that where it’s at?

Do you leave it
To earn and learn
And believe it
Will be waiting there
At the window
For your return?

Where you can be safe from the world
With your word
And thoughts

Upon which you can write an ode
In a sensitive code
With a spark from your creative electrode
You stumble there
Fumble for the key of front door
And let yourself in
To wine down
And shed the crown
Of Queen-I-Can-Do-It-All
For a while
Until the next hard graft
Removes you from

Removes that smile
And causes much woe;
You can go…


Happiness is a Birthday!

Eyes of Jane

Eyes of Jane

Today is a special day

for a special lady

and the cake

I bake for Jane

(in a parallel universe)

is amazing.

It has velvet-smooth Vanilla icing

and if you press any of the

Blue-Smartie buttons

it sings ‘Happy Birgday to Jane!’

In Norwegian

(due to a few typos and some poor programming)

However, that is better than the cake

I made in a further alternative universe…

that just tasted strange.

whatever, this is just one way of wishing

my special lady a special day!

Happy Birthday, Jane!


#happybirthday #happybirthdaytojane

Jane Doe? Is she a dear?

Jane Poster

Jane Poster

Jane Eyre
Jane Plan
Jane here
Jane the Virgin
Jane there
Jane Marple
Jane Jane
Drives a man insane
Jane, you’re playing a game
Of hide and go seek, yeah!
So, gudbuy t’ Jane
Jane everywhere
Gotta see Jane
Calamity Jane
It’s Plain Jane
I’m Tarzan and you…
Is all over the place
She’s in your face
Whip crack and away!