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Spread a little joy

Take our advice

and don’t think twice

(when once is enough);

because I think

that if you think

therefore I jam.

Spread a little joy,

upon your scone,

jam first, then the cream,

or the Cornish folk

at you will scream.

A Penguin (up a tree) – revisited

I saw a penguin up a tree

it was, I think, an Emporee;

it’s hard to tell quite what you’ve found

when looking up so high

from the viewpoint of the ground.

I could have been mistaken,

I often always am;

but, I’m fairly pretty certain that a penguin,

up a tree,

is a penguin in a jam.

When the jam has deflated.

‘Pump up the jam,

pump it up…’

Grab your bicycle pump,

attach it to the jam sump,


before it’s too late…

… inflate!

Strawberry Jam Lid 2


But, not a word of encouragement or a pithy / witty saying is there displayed upon the inside of a lid of Frank Cooper’s “Oxford” Strawberry Conserve. They may have been established in 1874, but that butters no parsnips with me (or many people) – Their contact address is in Leeds (I’ve been to Huddersfield but I’ve never been to Leeds).

If Frank Cooper (if still alive) or his representatives would like to have words on the underside of their Strawberry Conserve lids I would be willing to pen a few pithy / witty sayings for them – we could barter for Jams and Conserves. G:)